April 01, 2024

From a drunk pubgoer accusing Welsh bar staff of refusing to serve him because he’s English to parents complaining about TikTok videos: The petty rows police are recording as hate incidents instead of tackling serious crime

Police are still recording hundreds of petty rows as ‘hate incidents’ despite ministers telling them to tackle serious crime instead. Forces nationwide are logging details of trivial arguments between neighbours, drunken rants and online spats if callers say they have been offended.
April 1, 2024

What a vile April Fools! JK Rowling could now face jail for ‘misgendering’ a male rapist… Biden stumbles with a trans Easter insult… and sports lunacy prevails! MAUREEN CALLAHAN rages: When WILL the gender insanity end?

The end of Women’s History Month collides into April Fool’s Day — fitting, as we biological women remain sacrificial fools on the altar of all things trans. On Monday, Scotland’s new ‘hate crime’ law went into effect. It criminalizes ‘threatening or abusive
April 1, 2024
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