April 02, 2024

Picked off one by one, the three British ex-forces heroes who became Israeli targets in airstrike on food charity vehicles in Gaza: How disaster unfolded step by step – as ‘shocked’ Sunak demands answers but Netanyahu insists ‘this happens in war’

Late on Monday night three cars from the World Central Kitchen pulled out of the organisation’s warehouse in Gaza to distribute aid to Palestinians. Each vehicle was clearly marked as working for the humanitarian organisation, followed an IDF-approved route and had GPS
April 2, 2024

Clothes and tiny shoes found near French toddler’s skull

Clothing and shoes belonging to the French toddler who mysteriously vanished in the French Alps have been found close to where his partial remains were discovered. Today public prosecutor Jean-Luc Blanchon confirmed police had located Émile’s t-shirt, pants and shoes, which were
April 2, 2024

Trump asks why he has to pay a $175M bond while MS-13 ‘murderers’ walk free: Ex-president says migrants ‘aren’t human… they’re animals’ and claims ‘Biden’s Border Bloodbath’ is causing ‘rape, plunder and slaughter’

Donald Trump tore into Joe Biden’s ‘border bloodbath’ and claimed migrants are ‘animals’ and ‘not humans’ in a fiery speech on Tuesday. The former president, 77, complained that he had to pay $175 million to secure a bond in his New York
April 2, 2024

Vintage 1965 dune buggy stolen in Melbourne

It’s believed the 1965 blue Volkswagen buggy was stolen from Alick Road, Tottenham, on January 14 at about 3pm. The buggy is valued at about $47,000. It had club plates on it at the time bearing the registration 3434H3. Police have now
April 2, 2024

Two British ex-forces heroes are named among the seven aid workers killed by Israeli airstrike on clearly marked food charity vehicles in Gaza: ‘Shocked and saddened’ Rishi Sunak demands response – but Netanyahu says ‘this happens in war’

A British special forces hero and a former Royal Marine were among the three British aid workers killed in an Israeli drone attack on a food aid convoy in Gaza. John Chapman and James Henderson were travelling in a clearly marked car operated
April 2, 2024
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