Call The Midwife Star Helen George Weight Loss Journey 2023: Diet And Exercise

A look at “Call The Midwife Star Helen George Weight Loss Journey 2023” Many people who are struggling with weight loss after pregnancy have been inspired by Helen George’s weight loss journey.

The BBC period drama series Call the Midwife made Helen George famous for her role as Trixie Franklin.

Call The Midwife Star Helen George Weight Loss Journey 2023: Diet And Exercise
Call The Midwife Star Helen George Weight Loss Journey 2023: Diet And Exercise

Musical theatre was George’s career path after attending the Royal Academy of Music in London.

In 2012, she landed her breakthrough role as Trixie Franklin in Call the Midwife.

George’s portrayal of Trixie is one of the show’s highlights, as the character is full of life, fun, warmth, and humor.

She is also a patron of ICP Support, a charity dedicated to helping pregnant women with severe liver conditions.

Call The Midwife Star Helen George Weight Loss Journey 2023

She has been open about her struggles with food and body image.

She realized, however, that exercise alone would not be enough to achieve the body she wanted after having children and losing a significant amount of weight.

On social media, trolls have commented on her weight and suggested she diet, fat-shaming her.

Call the Midwife star Helen George call out body-shaming internet troll

During 2018, she responded to fat shamers on social media by mentioning weight training as a way to lose weight.

As a result of the lockdown, she worked out five times a week at home, which resulted in a further weight loss of 21 pounds.

Helen George also credits running with helping her make her character in Call the Midwife more believable, which has helped her lose weight.

In 2023, she shared a picture of her fractured leg, which showed she was losing weight.

Helen George’s Diet and Exercise

Helen George considered herself health-conscious, but not overly strict about eating.

According to her, she usually starts her day with porridge and fruit and consumes plenty of vegetables throughout the day.

Additionally, Helen George mentioned that she avoids gluten and substitutes quinoa for pasta or rice in her meals, which has helped her lose weight.

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Helen George hasn’t revealed much about her fitness routine publicly.

Helen George’s Health Update

During her pregnancy with her daughter Lark, Helen George suffered from a severe liver disorder called ICP (intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy), which caused her body to build up acids.

Her ICP caused extreme itching on her hands, shoulders, and feet, and eventually throughout her entire body, making pregnancy uncomfortable and painful.

Helen George’s doctor prescribed medication to manage her symptoms during pregnancy, but the itch persisted.

According to the actress, the whole experience was frustrating and infuriating.

After giving birth and celebrating her 40th birthday, she still experiences liver-related discomfort.

The actress recently posted a picture showing her fractured leg, which has also caused her weight loss.

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