Dakota Fanning has received a new pair of shoes from Tom Cruise every year since 2005.

Dakota Fanning has revealed the special gift Tom Cruise buys her every year

Dakota Fanning has revealed the special gift Tom Cruise buys her every year

The 30-year-old actress worked with the Hollywood star on ‘War of the Worlds’ 19 years ago, and she has finally revealed the birthday gift he gets her ever since buying her a cell phone when she turned 11 on the est of the movie.

Appearing on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ this seek, she said: “I turned 11 on ‘War of the Worlds,’ when we worked together and he gave me my first cell phone for that birthday.

“It was a Motorola Razr… I didn’t have anyone to call, but I wanted a Razr so bad. I must have been talking about it a lot because that’s what he got me.

“It’s such a great memory… He always sends me the same thing every year.

“I loved shoes when I was little, and I started to be able to fit into really small adult shoes when I was on the ‘War of the Worlds’ press tour, so I was really excited about them. So from that birthday on, he always sends me shoes.”

Dakota admitted she expected the ‘Mission: Impossible’ actor to stop sending her shoes as she got older, but he always remembers her special day every year.

She recently told Entertainment Tonight: “He always sends me something every year. He gave me my first cellphone when I was 11 years old. That was my first gift from him and he’s remembered it every year since then.

“I always am like, ‘Maybe when I’m 18 [he will stop]?’ Like that would be a normal place, you know what I mean? Or, like, 21 or whatever.

“And then he said a few years ago that he likes sort of that moment of checking in like once a year.

“It’s so thoughtful, and I really appreciate it.”

Meanwhile, Dakota has revealed Kurt Russell – who she starred with in 2005’s ‘Dreamer’ – may have won with the “best” wrap gift she ever received at the end of a shoot.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazar in a joint interview with Andrew Scott, she said: “Kurt Russell gave me a horse.”

Andrew quipped: “That could be your autobiography: ‘Kurt Russell Gave Me a Horse: The Dakota Fanning Story.’”

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