David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson struck up an “immediate connection” when they first met.

Gillian Anderson starred alongside David Duchovny

Gillian Anderson starred alongside David Duchovny

The 63-year-old actor previously starred alongside Gillian, 55, in hit sci-fi series ‘The X-Files’, and David has now revealed that the celebrity duo had an instant “connection”.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the actor shared: “I think immediately, when we were reading together on the stairs to go in to audition, we knew that we could work together.

“There was an immediate connection through the work that we could do, and that lasted for a long, long time.”

‘The X-Files’ proved to be a global success. However, David has endured plenty of ups and downs during his own career, and he’s discussed his setbacks on his ‘Fail Better’ podcast series.

The Hollywood star explained: “It’s not about revelling in the shame of it all.

“It’s about the true hurt of it and the response after the hurt. How do you go ahead in your life stronger and not debilitated by the wound of a big failure?”

David and Gillian enjoyed huge success together. However, the actress previously admitted that their relationship has gone through lots of ups and downs over the years.

She told the Guardian newspaper: “I mean, yes, there were definitely periods when we hated each other. Hate is too strong a word. We didn’t talk for long periods of time. It was intense, and we were both pains in the a*** for the other at various times.”

Despite this, the duo remain close friends.

Asked about their past issues, Gillian said: “I’m not going to get into it. I’m not even going to begin to get into that. But we are closer today than we ever have been.”

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