Find out “Is Sab Zada Pregnant With Jaden Smith Child?” The question of Sab Zada being pregnant has been spurred on the Internet lately. The influencer and model Zada has been in the headlines as she is dating Jaden Smith.

Sab Zada is in a relationship with Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith. The duo buzzed the internet when they shared a series of cute pictures as a couple.

Their selfies went viral over the Internet in the past few days. While Zada is dating a known personality, she is also well-known on the internet herself.

Even though the couple have been romantically linked since 2020, they decided to keep it private.

As of now, Jaden took Twitter to officially share pictures of his girlfriend on his social media.

The rumors and speculations about a famous person is not a new thing. At the time, some have speculated that Zada might be pregnant.

Is Sab Zada Pregnant With Jaden Smith’s Child?

There is no factual evidence of Sab Zada being pregnant with Jaden Smith’s child. Followingly, the couple has not posted anything regarding the matter on their socials.

Hence, the speculations of her pregnancy remain just a rumor as of now. However, this is not the first time people thought Sab and Jaden might be expecting the child.

Six months back, some Internet users had their own theory of how she might be pregnant.

Some even took one of their beach photos and analyzed their hand gesture to theorize their claims.

Sab Zada pregnant
Jaden Smith took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to share a photo with his girlfriend Sab Zada (Source: Twitter)

The young couple have kept their intimate life far from the public outlet. Sab has yet to share pictures of her beau on her Instagram with more than 800k followers.

Following the couple’s intimate love life, they willingly keep all the details to themselves.

Even though they pursue their career as a public persona, they can keep some aspects of their life private.

Like any other human being, their fans and followers must respect their boundaries.

To summarise, there is nothing on the Internet to prove Jaden’s girlfriend Sab could be pregnant.

Inside Sab Zada Family Life

While there are no details of Sab Zada’s family, as per the reports, she grew up in a multi-ethnic household. Sab is Filipino, Chinese, and Hispanic, born in Houston, Texas.

Zada tends to keep her personal life far from the public’s eyes. She does not even share them on her socials, respecting their privacy.

Even though she is a public figure, she is very much aware of her family’s confidentiality. In the meantime, Zada is a model with a contract with Select Model Management.

She has also collaborated with some high-end brands like L’Oréal and Crocs campaigns. Moreover, she is also a musician just like Smith.

Sab has released several music videos and songs on YouTube and other streaming services. Some of her indie singles include Stable, Peter Pan, 1005, Time, and more.

Sab Zada family details
Sab Zada is a professional model and a well-known influencer (Source: Instagram)

Even though we know nothing about her family, we can glimpse her love life. Paparazzi clicked the couple at Disneyland on Valentine’s Day 2022.

A month later paps clicked them on Coachella while they were walking hand in hand. She is not only an influencer but also an activist for gun control and abortion rights.

In 2022, she made a lengthy post describing gun control as an issue close to her heart.

She expressed her passion for the issue by revealing that a mass school massacre occurred “not even 30 minutes” from her own as a teen.

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