Kevin Spacey can’t afford to pay his bills.

Kevin Spacey can't pay his bills

Kevin Spacey can’t pay his bills

The 64-year-old actor – who has spent millions defending himself against allegations of sexual assault – has lost his home in Baltimore and he’s now struggling to repay his debts.

During an appearance on ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’, Spacey shared: “This week, where I have been living in Baltimore is being foreclosed – my house is being sold at auction … so I have to go back to Baltimore to put all of my things in storage.

“So the answer to that question is, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to live … now. But I’ve been in Baltimore since we started shooting ‘House of Cards’ there. I moved there in 2012.”

Asked why his home is being foreclosed, Spacey replied: “I can’t pay the bills that I owe.”

The Hollywood star subsequently revealed the extent of his financial issues, admitting that he cannot afford to repay his bills after spending millions of dollars on legal fees.

He shared: “There have been a couple of times when thought I was going to file [for bankruptcy]. But I’ve just about managed to … dodge it. At least as of today.”

Asked how much money he currently has to his name, Spacey replied: “None.

“I mean, you have some sense of legal bills – I still owe a lot of legal bills that I’ve not been able to pay.”

Spacey clarified that he’s still in a “considerable” amount of debt.

Asked if his debts stretched into the millions, he responded: “Many millions, yes. The house itself is many millions.”

Spacey explained that his only way out of debt was to “get back on the horse”.

Spacey was blacklisted by Hollywood following abuse allegations in 2017. The acclaimed actor was subsequently charged – and later acquitted – of committing a series of alleged sexual offences in the US and the UK.

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