A young woman from Nigeria expressed her distress about the increasing prices of fresh tomatoes and pepper in the market.

She showed in a video the small amount of tomatoes and pepper she bought at a very high cost.

The video was posted by @Chude Nnamdi on X, where she complained about the expensive prices of these food items.

She revealed a basket of tomatoes bought for N5,000 and a small bag of fresh pepper costing N2,000.

She also expressed doubt about the improvement of the country’s situation as the prices of food continue to rise.

In her words: “On a normal day, I buy this tomatoes for N1,500. I’m a chef. I dey cook na. But right now, I decided to buy tomatoes for N5,000 so that tomorrow I can use it and cook another thing. This is N5,000 tomatoes. This fresh pepper is N2,000. This world has spoilt. Everything you’re seeing now is N7k. Fresh pepper N2000 and you think this country will get better? Like this?”

Nigerians stormed the comments section to react to the trending video.

Senator Chris wrote: “Omo, someone should locate me to her, I will be buying her that basket of tomatoes everyday, twice on Saturdays.”

Uzoma said: “As soon as she drop the tomato basket I could hear her probably. I think If she had turned around the government could probably hear her too.”

Ontrips added: “The country would get better only if we stopped buying. There’s no money there’s no money where d money de come from. This our government no believe say we de suffer at all until we start planting vegetables by ourselves.”

Adams Mega 2 said: “E even cheap for there. Katsina where tomatoes and pepper are grown in commercial scale bought more expensive than that 3 days ago.”

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