A woman has accused Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of drugging and raping her multiple times when she was a student.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs has been hit with another lawsuit

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been hit with another lawsuit

April Lampros has filed a lawsuit against the 54-year-old rap mogul, who she claimed showered her with gifts and flowers after they met in New York, but things took a darker turn when they met up in a bar in 1995 and ended up back in his hotel room.

The former Fashion Institute of Technology student claimed Diddy plied her with alcohol and when they returned to the rapper’s room at the Millennium Hotel, she began to feel ill and as if “the walls were closing in” on her as the ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ hitmaker allegedly started to force himself on her, and though she was still conscious, she was unable to defend herself when he began raping her.

April woke the following day “nude, sore and confused.”

Months later, Diddy got back in touch and began pursuing her again by offering access to music industry events.

According to TMZ, her lawyer wrote: “[She was a] hopeful yet naive college student and took Mr. Combs at his word and believed that the first rape was a possible mulligan and decided to give him a second chance.”

But as they walked to his car in a parking garage when going out for dinner, the ‘Coming Home’ hitmaker allegedly forced his date to perform oral sex on him and was unconcerned when an attendant saw them.

April claimed she then started turning down Diddy’s invitations, which prompted him to develop a “mobster persona” as he grew angry, calling her repeatedly and threatening to blacklist her in the industry.

In 1996, April was “ordered” to Diddy’s apartment, and on arrival was introduced to his then-partner, the late Kim Porter. The accuser claimed the musician forced ecstasy down her throat then demanded she had sex with Kim while he masturbated, before he allegedly raped her again.

The woman broke things off in 1998 but then had a clash with Kim at the restaurant where she worked, which she alleged led to her getting fired after Kim told the restaurant owner she had tried to poison her and Diddy would shut down his business if he didn’t dismiss his employee.

According to the lawsuit, the pair ran into one another one last time at the Rockefeller Center around the end of 2000 and Diddy – who was dating Jennifer Lopez at the time – went back to April’s apartment where he allegedly suddenly “violently grabbed her and forced himself onto her” but he left when she fought him off.

Elsewhere in the suit, April claimed last year someone told her then-boyfriend he had seen a video of her having sex with Diddy, and she has now been told their encounter was recorded without her knowledge and shown the footage to multiple people.

She is suing the ‘Victory’ rapper for sexual assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress and also lists Bad Boy Records, Arista and Sony Music Entertainment as defendants, arguing the companies enabled him to commit the crimes.

Diddy was hit with a wave of lawsuits in late 2023 and early 2024, including allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

The cases remain active, and he has denied all claims against him.

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