Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey is struggling with “loneliness”.

Tom Parker and Kelsey tied the knot in 2018

Tom Parker and Kelsey tied the knot in 2018

The pop star died of brain cancer in March 2022, aged 33, and although Kelsey subsequently dated electrician Sean Boggans for eight months, she’s struggled to move on with her life.

Kelsey – who had Aurelia, four, and Bodhi , three, with Tom – told MailOnline: “If Tom was alive he would say, ‘Kelsey is someone who doesn’t like to be on her own.’ I don’t like being on my own and, I’m back to being on my own in the evenings.

“My kids go to bed at like six and I spend the rest of the night on my own. I am lonely.

“I don’t know how people can judge and would rather see me sad and lonely on my own than actually have an ounce of happiness.”

Kelsey struggled to cope with the outside interest in her relationship with Sean.

Despite this, she believes that the electrician was an “amazing” influence on her.

Kelsey – who married Tom in 2018 – explained: “It was so tough because ultimately, I didn’t intend on meeting anyone, that just happened.

“I’m a big believer now of seeing the universe and that it brings you people.

“Sean was amazing and I needed him at that moment in time. He was amazing for me because he gave me what my family couldn’t.

“It’s not worked out for us, but I definitely think that Sean came into my life for a reason.”

Kelsey also feels frustrated that strangers are so quick to pass judgement on her.

She said: “I just don’t know who people are to judge. Walk a day in my shoes and then you can pass judgement, but until then please don’t pass judgement on me and my life.”

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