Tori Spelling got veneers after letting her teeth turn to “s***” after she reached 40.

Tori Spelling got veneers after letting her teeth turn to ‘s***’ after she reached 40

Tori Spelling got veneers after letting her teeth turn to ‘s***’ after she reached 40

The 51-year-old ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actress – who recently said she ended up with chipped gnashers after rough kissing with her co-star on the show Jason Priestley – opened up about the disgraceful state of her mouth as she talked about how she got it rectified by celebrity dentist Dr Kevin Sands.

Tori had the expert on the latest episode of her ‘misSPELLING’ podcast, during which she showed off her new smile and said she turned to him after her teeth became “disgusting, to say the least”.

Tori said: “I couldn’t smile anymore. I didn’t smile. I didn’t have a cavity until I was 40. That was all downhill from there.”

Dr Kevin, who is responsible for a raft of A-listers’ smiles, admitted Tori came to him with “chipped” and “discoloured” teeth, adding: “You didn’t look like the Tori I used to know.”

He charges anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per tooth, and said he had “reshaped” each one of Spelling’s teeth and handcrafted each of her veneers to “rebuild” her smile to the way it was 20 years ago.

He said: “Now you have a full smile. They’re white, gorgeous, sexy. Look at you. You look 10 years younger.”

Tori added she has “never been happier” since undergoing the cosmetic surgery, adding: “I smile now. There’s a whole new me. People underestimate me.”

The actress’ dental work comes after she talked about how Jason Priestley damaged her mouth with his “good” but “aggressive” kissing.

She said on her podcast in May about how they got involved: “I was shooting a TV movie in Vancouver, he was directing a TV show in Vancouver.

“Yeah, we had a fun summer.”

She added Jason “broke” her fellow actress Jennie Garth’s “face” with his kissing on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, saying: “She says she has TMJ (jaw disorder temporomandibular joint dysfunction) because of him, and a clicking jaw.”

Tori added her dentistry was reduced to her “last priority” when she married Dean McDermott, 57, andhad five children.

The former couple separated in June 2023 after 17 years of marriage, with Tori waiting nine months to file for divorce.

Her costly dental work also came despite she and Dean owing more than $200,000 on a 12-year-old bank loan.

Court documents showed the actress owes City National Bank nearly $220,000, while her actor ex is liable for the other $202,000.

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