Carlos Guillermo Alonso
Carlos Guillermo Alonso Details
Age 78.
Birth Date 1945.
Gender Male.
Arrested for hit-and-run.
Victim Ella Riley Adler.

Carlos Guillermo Alonso (age 78, born in 1945) has been identified as the individual involved in a tragic incident reported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The incident occurred on a Saturday afternoon and resulted in the death of 15-year-old ballerina Ella Riley Adler.

According to the incident report, Adler was wakeboarding in Biscayne Bay accompanied by another individual when both fell into the water. During this time, the boat allegedly operated by Alonso struck Adler.

The report further indicates that the boat from which Adler was originally being towed was later recovered from the water. Sadly, Adler died due to her injuries as reported by the FWC.

Following the incident, the FWC, U.S. Coast Guard, and Miami Police Department were promptly notified and responded to the scene to conduct investigations.

Subsequently, on Tuesday, the FWC announced that investigators had seized the “vessel of interest” based on descriptions provided by witnesses.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Carlos Guillermo Alonso, the owner of the boat, is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.



Carlos Guillermo Alonso Attorney speaks out

Lauren Field Krasnoff, the legal representative of Carlos Guillermo Alonso, spoke on Wednesday, expressing the profound sorrow felt by her client.

She explained that Alonso was out on his boat alone on Saturday. When the police showed up at his house, he didn’t know why they were there.

“We don’t know yet if Carlos or his boat caused the crash,” Krasnoff said. “But if his boat did it, he had no clue at all. He feels as sad as anyone could feel about this.”

According to the one-page report, Alonso was the only one on his boat, a 42-foot Boston Whaler. It doesn’t say if he might get in trouble for what happened, and it’s not clear if alcohol was involved since the report says it’s ‘unknown’ if alcohol played a part.

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“Carlos parked his boat where everyone could see it, and he’s been helping the police and anyone else who’s looking into what happened,” Krasnoff explained. “He’s never been in trouble with the law, doesn’t drink, and wasn’t drinking that Saturday.”

Krasnoff wants people to understand that Alonso didn’t mean for anything bad to happen. She’s hoping for understanding and sympathy for everyone involved as investigations continue.


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Carlos Guillermo Alonso FAQs

Ques: What is Carlos Guillermo Alonso’s age?

Ans: Guillermo is 78 years old.

Ques: Who was arrested in the hit-and-run case of Ella Riley Adler?

Ans: Carlos Guillermo Alonso.

Ques: Who is Carlos Guillermo Alonso’s lawyer?

Ans: Lauren Field Krasnoff.





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