Eryka Westover
Eryka Westover Details
Profession Daycare Teacher.
Age 33.
Lives at Las Vegas.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Arrested for Child Abuse.
Worked at Shenker Academy.

Eryka Westover (age 33, born in 1990) is a daycare teacher based in Las Vegas who worked for Shenker Academy. On May 17, 2024, detectives arrested Westover on suspicion of abusing a student.

According to the police, a report filed on April 1 alleged that a student had been abused by a teacher at a learning institute located in the 9000 block of Hillpointe Road.

Shenker Academy’s attorney stated that Westover is no longer employed at the school but did not comment specifically on the allegations.

We obtained a letter sent to Shenker Academy parents, which stated, “Westover was placed on administrative leave immediately after the board was informed of the accusations.”

Eryka was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of felony child abuse or neglect.



Eryka Caught on Video Allegedly Abusing Child

A video surfaced showing an incident involving Eryka Westover while she was working at Shenker Academy. In the video, Westover appears to yell in the face of a tightly swaddled child before slamming the child face down onto a bed or cot. She can then be heard saying, “I just body-slammed you.”

Elisa Valdez, the mother of the child, expressed shock and anger upon seeing the video. She confronted the head of the academy but received no apology or acknowledgment of wrongdoing. Instead, the head downplayed the incident, claiming Westover “didn’t do anything.”

Shaylyn Mandado, who worked alongside Westover, reported that she witnessed escalating abuse over the past year, with Westover becoming increasingly rough with the children. When Mandado and others raised concerns to higher-ups, their complaints were dismissed.


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Eryka Westover FAQs

Ques: What is Eryka Westover’s age?

Ans: Eryka is 33.

Ques: Why was teacher Eryka Westover arrested?

Ans: Westover was arrested for Child Abuse.

Ques: For which academy did Eryka Westover work?

Ans: Shenker Academy.




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