Ivana Williams
Ivana Williams Details
Age 36.
Birth Date March 10, 1988.
Lives in Pearl City, Mississippi.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Birth Sign Pisces.
Husband Name not given.
Kids One.
Social media
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ivanakwilliams/
Alumni Mississippi College.

Ivana Williams (age 36, born on March 10, 1988) is a former Mississippi state trooper. She was dismissed from her job earlier this year because she faced allegations of recording a s*xual encounter with another woman and sharing the video with fellow officers.

The woman involved has sued Williams in federal court, claiming she was s*xually assaulted and that the video was shared without her consent. In response, Williams filed a countersuit, arguing that the allegations harmed her reputation and business relationships.

Williams also contends her dismissal was unfair, alleging it was retaliation for complaining about a job reassignment and discrimination based on her gender. She points out that male officers have reportedly engaged in similar behavior without facing similar consequences.

The situation’s so out of hand that the woman in the video doesn’t even know how many people have seen it. She’s worried because she’s heard that lots of Mississippi Highway Patrol officers and bosses have watched it.


Williams shared the video with one person

Former Trooper Ivana Williams faced a series of allegations outlined in a Feb. 13 disciplinary letter from MHP Col. Charles Haynes.

The letter accused Williams of unprofessional conduct and misuse of state property, alleging she sent inappropriate photos to several master sergeants and accessed explicit websites on her state-issued phone.

These accusations resulted in a civil suit filed against Williams in Rankin County Chancery Court by an unnamed woman, prompting a legal battle. Williams’ attorney argued her firing was retaliatory, asserting it followed her grievance filing with DPS in January.

Furthermore, Ivana claimed discriminatory treatment, citing male troopers who allegedly engaged in similar behavior without repercussions.

She highlighted one master sergeant who reportedly possessed a video of a s*xual encounter on his state-issued device, yet faced no consequences.

In response to the woman’s claims, Williams maintained that the encounter and video were consensual and clarified she only shared it with one person.


Ivana Williams is famous on social media

Ivana Williams, a former trooper with seven years of experience, is not only dedicated to her law enforcement duties but also to her vibrant social media life.

Known for her outgoing personality, she founded the “Sipi Girls” group, fostering camaraderie and support among peers.

In addition to her law enforcement career, Williams operates a gun store in Rankin County, catering to firearm enthusiasts in the community.

Her entrepreneurial spirit extends online, where she manages a thriving social media presence. On Instagram, her personal account boasts 1,824 followers, while her business account, @ivanawilliamsarmory, has an impressive following of over 3,926.

Expanding her digital footprint, Williams owns Ivana Williams Armory, an online shop offering a range of clothing and merchandise to her supporters. Her influence extends to TikTok, where she commands the attention of over a hundred thousand followers with engaging content.


Ivana is a Mississippi College Graduate

Ivana Williams was born on March 10, 1988, in Pearl City, Mississippi. She pursued her education at Mississippi College, where she studied and earned a Master of Social Science (MSS) after completing her undergraduate studies.

During her academic journey, she also gained practical experience as a Dispatcher at Mississippi College.

Her career in law enforcement began in September 2011 when she joined the Madison Police Department, serving for seven months.

Subsequently, in August 2013, Williams took on officer duties at Hinds Community College for a brief but impactful five-month tenure.

In August 2016, Ivana Williams brought her skills to the Brandon Police Department, where she served with distinction until October 2017.

Her commitment to public safety and community well-being led her to join the Mississippi Highway Patrol in March 2018. Despite her contributions, Williams faced termination from her position in February 2024.


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Ivana Williams FAQs

Ques: What is Trooper Ivana Williams’s age?

Ans: Ivana is 36 years old.

Ques: Does Ivana Williams have any children?

Ans: Yes, she is the mother of a son.

Ques: For which police department did Ivana Williams last work?

Ans: Mississippi State Police Department.




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