Bonnie Gooch (Pleasant Hill Missouri Police Dept.)

Bonnie Gooch (Pleasant Hill Missouri Police Dept.)

A “wily” 78-year-old woman in Missouri has been arrested after she allegedly robbed a bank — and not for the first time. Bonnie Betsy Gooch was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and charged with one count of stealing or attempting to steal from a financial institution, records reviewed by Law&Crime show.

According to the Pleasant Hill Police Department, Gooch was arrested a short while after she robbed the Goppert Financial Bank located in the 2100 block of MO-7, about 30 miles southeast of Kansas City.

Witnesses told police that Gooch was wearing all gray clothing, a black N95 face mask, plastic gloves, and black sunglasses when she entered the bank on the afternoon of April 5, the Kansas City Star reported. She then walked up to the counter and passed one of the tellers a note which reportedly read, in part, “I need 13,000 small bills,” and ended with a surprising line: “thank you sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Police say that the bank’s surveillance camera showed Gooch, who was unarmed during the alleged robbery, hitting the counter with her fists while ordering the teller to move faster in collecting the money and not to bother counting the bills, according to the Star. After the teller handed her the cash, Gooch reportedly pulled out of the parking lot in her Buick Enclave — with her handicapped parking permit on display — and turned onto Highway 7.

Officers caught up with Gooch and conducted a traffic stop on her vehicle in the parking lot of the Pleasant Hill Animal Clinic, per the Star. The officers who pulled Gooch over reportedly said that the elderly woman reeked of alcohol and there were loose bills strewn about the floor of her car.

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