SA Police has launched a week-long crackdown on antisocial behaviour across the state’s public transport network. 

Commencing this morning, the operation involves officers patrolling on foot, bicycles, and with the assistance of the dog squad to enhance safety on trains, buses, and trams.

The initiative was prompted by a series of incidents, including passengers on the Seaford line allegedly being physically and verbally attacked by a gang of teenage girls.

SA Police are cracking down on behaviour on public transport. (Nine)

SA Police Minister Dan Cregan has told the public that they should expect to see police throughout the network during the day and evening.

But commuters have expressed mixed reactions to the heightened police presence.

“It’s good that there is a police presence, but it does make you question why,” commuter Deni Eleftheriadis told 9News. 

“You shouldn’t really need that on public transport.”

Darcy Joseph, another commuter, said seeing more police around would likely put him “more on edge”.

“It just means there’s something to be scared of, I guess,” he said.

Bruce Rossler, a commuter living with Cerebral Palsy, welcomed the police, saying he had been robbed and abused on public transport.

“I had my medication… container stolen from me. I have been spat on,” he said.

This article was produced with the assistance of 9ExPress.
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