The shotgun slug that killed elderly camper Carol Clay remained buried at the original crime scene in Victoria’s remote wilderness for just under two years. 

Former Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria to the murders of secret lovers Russell Hill, 74, and Carol Clay, 73, in the Wonnangatta Valley, in Victoria’s Alpine region, on March 20, 2020.

On Tuesday, ballistics expert Senior Constable Paul Griffiths told the jury he found the 12-gauge slug on March 2, 2022 allegedly used to kill Ms Clay at the location where her burnt campsite was found. 

The shotgun police say Greg Lynn used to murder elderly camper Carol Clay 

Greg Lynn is appearing at the Supreme Court of Victoria 

The mangled slug was further found to contain fibres and ‘biological material’ believed to have been that of Ms Clay. 

The jury has previously heard claims the slug that killed Ms Clay blew off the passenger side mirror of Mr Hill’s Landcruiser before striking Ms Clay in the head. 

‘Given that quite some time had passed we had to use a sieving technique. So we went down close to an inch in that area,’ he said. 

Using a metal detector, the detective located glass fragments and the slug, he told the court. 

‘It was a fired projectile with a significant amount of impact damage,’ Senior Constable Griffiths said. 

Another search a week later turned up more alleged evidence, including bone fragments. 

Senior Constable Griffiths said he was directed back into the bush in March 2022 in the hope of finding evidence that may have been missed earlier. 

‘The purpose was to search for other items and from memory find cartridge cases … and other bone fragments,’ he told the jury.  

On Wednesday, the jury heard it took Victoria Police’s Missing Persons Unit weeks to take charge of the case. 

Detective Senior Constable Amy Frost was initially tasked with investigating the couple’s disappearance after they were reported missing on March 26.

She handed over the investigation to Missing Persons Unit Detective Leading Senior Constable Abbey Justin on April 20, kicking off an investigation that would ultimately lead to the arrest of Lynn. 

The left-handed 12 Gauge ‘Barathrum Arms’ Model shotgun was displayed by Senior Constable Griffiths from the witness box. 

Greg Lynn's shotgun was equipped with a laser sight

Greg Lynn’s shotgun was equipped with a laser sight 

Police believe the side mirror of Russell Hill's car was shot off (pictured)

Police believe the side mirror of Russell Hill’s car was shot off (pictured) 

Police found the mangled slug believed to have killed Carol Clay at this site almost two years later

Police found the mangled slug believed to have killed Carol Clay at this site almost two years later 

The jury observed Lynn had placed a laser sight on the pistol-gripped shotgun, which held its ammunition in a magazine. 

The stock of the gun contained holes which could have further ammunition placed inside.  

The court heard the shotgun needed to be cocked and loaded each time to fire. 

The jury has heard Lynn claims he tried to wrestle the firearm away from Mr Hill when the gun discharged and Ms Clay was hit in the head.  

Senior Constable Griffiths told the court Lynn’s gun was extensively tested and found to be in excellent condition. 

Tests found Lynn’s gun had a stiff trigger that was harder to pull than an ordinary shotgun. 

‘Being higher means you have to pull the trigger harder to discharge the gun,’ he said.   

Police also found the weapon did not accidentally discharge when knocked or dropped from a height of just under half-a-metre. 

‘It tells me the firearm is in good working order,’ Senior Constable Griffiths said. 

Carol Clay was allegedly shot in the head by Greg Lynn

Carol Clay was allegedly shot in the head by Greg Lynn 

Lynn claims Russell Hill was stabbed after falling on a knife during a deadly struggle

Lynn claims Russell Hill was stabbed after falling on a knife during a deadly struggle 

Under cross examination from Lynn’s barrister Dermot Dann KC, Senior Constable Griffiths came under fire for failing to check Lynn’s story before performing trajectory tests. 

The jury heard the detective had not used Lynn’s shotgun to perform the tests, despite previously telling a preliminary hearing he had. 

‘This is just a botched exercise isn’t it,’ Mr Dann said.

‘It’s completely accurate,’ came the response. 

The jury has heard Lynn admitted to disposing of the couple’s bodies in the bush after taking them away in his trailer. 

The elderly couple’s accused killer claims it was Mr Hill who started the trouble that ended in tragedy.

The court has heard Mr Hill and Lynn had argued about Lynn hunting for deer so close to other campers.

Later that night, Lynn decided to turn the volume in his car stereo up loud in an effort to annoy Mr Hill, the jury heard.

It was about 10pm when Lynn noticed Mr Hill had got into his car and stolen his 12-gauge shotgun.

The jury heard that as Lynn tried to wrestle the firearm away from Mr Hill, the gun discharged and Ms Clay was hit in the head.

Upon seeing what had happened, Mr Hill dropped the gun and rushed over to Ms Clay’s body.

Mr Dann said his client picked up the gun and fired its remaining shots into the air before being set upon by an enraged Mr Hill.

‘The next thing is Mr Hill’s advancing towards him with a knife screaming at him “she’s dead”,’ Mr Dann said.

‘A struggle developed over the knife. Mr Lynn trying to defend himself – they’re locked in this struggle – and as part of that struggle the two men fall to the ground and the knife goes through the chest of Mr Hill.’

The trial continues.

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