A murder trial witness has admitted her embarrassment caused her to conceal evidence that two men argued over wanting to have sex with her before an alleged fatal bashing.

Pilton died in hospital from acute bleeding on the brain just over a day after he was allegedly fatally wounded by Quinlan, then aged 55, on Lamb Island, north of Brisbane.

Paul Anthony Quinlan pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to the murder of Scott Pilton in May 2020. (Toby Crockford)

Quinlan’s then girlfriend Kimberley Lunt continued testifying on Tuesday after she admitted concealing evidence on Monday about an argument Quinlan had with Pilton while they were drinking alcohol at her home.

Lunt denied Quinlan had found Pilton naked in bed with her, resulting in him dragging Pilton to the lounge room and punching him.

Quinlan’s defence barrister Tim Ryan cross-examined Lunt on Tuesday and asked her about differences between her testimony and her statements to police.

Lunt agreed she told a police officer the morning after the alleged assault that Quinlan and Pilton had been arguing over her.

“You told (the officer) they both wanted to have sex with you?” Ryan said.

Ryan asked her why she did not tell the court about this when she was questioned by the crown prosecutor

“I was embarrassed, actually,” Lunt said.

She previously testified that Quinlan suddenly started punching and kicking Pilton while he sat on a sofa and did not say why.

Crown prosecutor Michael Lehane in opening the case had told the jury it would hear that Quinlan had engaged in “drunken, brutal attacks” against Pilton, including a forceful kick to the face, without apparent reason.

Lunt said she had been woken up by Quinlan who asked her to help Pilton after he fell unconscious from punches to the eyes and face.

Ryan asked Lunt if Quinlan had told Pilton to leave the house and asked “what are you doing with my woman?”

“(Mr Pilton) said ‘she’s everyone’s woman’ and then (Quinlan) punched him?” Ryan said.

“I can’t imagine Scott saying that about anybody,” Lunt said.

She agreed she had been a heavy drinker almost all her adult life and alcohol combined with her medication could have affected her memory.

Ryan asked if she had been in bed wearing a nightie with Pilton, who was naked, prior to any alleged assault.

“It did not happen,” Lunt said.

She said it was possible Quinlan did not kick Pilton and also possible Quinlan had tried to prevent him falling after a fight in the lounge room.

Ryan told the jury in his opening statement that the critical issue was whether or not Quinlan attacked Pilton with intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm.

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