• Angela Okorie revealed that she is not on good terms with Zubby Michael because he humiliated her in public.
  • Angela Okorie mentioned that Zubby Michael humiliated her in front of their colleagues and fans, which caused her to feel disrespected and hurt.
  • Although Zubby Michael apologized, Angela Okorie said that his apology did not erase the public shame he caused her.

Newsypeople- Angela Okorie, a Nollywood actress, has recently opened up about the reasons behind her feud with her colleague, Zubby Michael.

The actress has been vocal about her dissatisfaction with Zubby’s behavior, which she claims has caused her immense pain and sorrow.

Angela Okorie Reveals Why She's Not On Good Terms With Zubby Michael
Angela Okorie Reveals Why She’s Not On Good Terms With Zubby Michael

According to Angela, Zubby has repeatedly mistreated her, including bullying her in the comments section of her social media posts. She also recalled an incident where Zubby humiliated her in front of their colleagues at his birthday party, openly insulting her.

Although Zubby apologized for his actions, Angela felt that the apology came too late and did not erase the public shame she experienced.

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Angela further accused Zubby of betraying her by snatching roles intended for her and badmouthing her to their colleagues behind her back.

She also criticized Zubby for not celebrating people when they are alive or when they achieve success, describing him as a “wicked person” who knows what he is running from.

The feud between the two actors gained significant attention after Junior Pope’s death, with Angela calling out Zubby for not posting tributes to their late colleague.

Zubby responded by posting a subtle shade on his Instagram story, which Angela interpreted as a sign of his continued spitefulness.

Angela Okorie Reveals Why She's Not On Good Terms With Zubby Michael
Angela Okorie Reveals Why She’s Not On Good Terms With Zubby Michael

Angela Okorie outbursts against Zubby have been met with mixed reactions from the public, with some supporting her claims and others dismissing her accusations.

However, the actress remains steadfast in her criticism of Zubby, emphasizing that her actions are a response to the pain and betrayal she has experienced at his hands.

see fans reactions…

giftichechinda: “everything she just said is meaningless”

VEE: “Na lie be this, No be Zubby we know”

Sandie: “This is a heartbreak saga. Una don date before”

LilMama: “Madam talk watin happen n stop beating around the bush”

s-tee apparel: “she is nt making any sense”

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