Reddit and several other social media platforms were full of rumors about Jschlatt and Mix’s relationship. The rumors started in 2020 when Jschlatt picked Minx as his “Love” for Love or Host. 

Jschlatt and Mix, both renowned social media stars, are in the spotlight due to their possible dating. Rumors about them dating are flooding all over the internet.

Key Takeaways

  • Jschlatt and Minx are not dating, as the news of their relationship started to spread after they appeared on the Love and Host show.
  • Minx on April 1st made a post where it said that she is dating Jschlatt but none of their fans are aware of that.
  • Jschlatt and Minx often feature each other on their social media handles.

JustaMinx, who is also known by her name of Rebecca “Becca” is a renowned Irish content creator on YouTube and Twitch.

She has over 689k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 1.9 million followers on her Twitch channel.

She is best known for her appearance in The Austin Show’s Love or Host.

Also, Jschlatt, known by his real name of Johnathan Schlatt, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

Back in 2020, he made the internet go crazy when he picked fellow content creators as his Love on Love or Host.

Are Jschlatt And Minx Together in 2024?

No reliable source has commented that Jschlatt and Minx, fellow YouTube and Twitch content creators, are dating.

But the rumors were spread by their fans after the show named Love or Host gave them a big surprise.

Jschlatt who was told to choose a Love directly named Minxw which, started to spread the rumors of them dating.

But neither of them commented about it to the public. But people became crazy when Minx took her Twitter handle and wrote,

the fact that people dont realize me and schlatt have been dating the whole time

This post made their fans crazy, and they thought it was not a joke post, as both used to feature them on their social media handles.

And as the post was made on April 1, 2021, she reposted the same post with the caption

i’m losing brain cells with the amount of people believing this.

Most people didn’t look at the posted date, as it created drama about them being together. But after she posted it, most people were disappointed as they used to love seeing them together.

Jschlatt And Minx Relationship Timeline

Though Jschlatt and Minx seem to be very open with their personality seen on their stream, they seem to be quite the opposite in real life.

Jschlatt and Minx both have not told if they are dating each other in real life, though they have been to Love or Host show.

Moreover, both of them seem to be very tight-lipped, as they haven’t revealed anything about their past relations with the public. 

It’s most likely that they are just two fellow internet personalities who love to feature each other on their social media handle.

Who knows if they are up to something that might blow up the internet with their content which hey are working together for long year.


When did Jschlatt upload his first video?

Jschlatt uploaded his first video with the title Good Boy Eats Food on June 5, 2014.

Besides YouTube and Twitch, what are Jschlatt and Minx famous for?

Both of the fellow streamers are also famous on their Instagram handles under the usernames of justaminxig and jschlatt.

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