• Aunty Ramota, a Nigerian actress, was reportedly in a critical condition after undergoing a BBL surgery in Ikorodu, Lagos state.
  • A disturbing video surfaced online showing her being wheeled into a hospital room on a stretcher, allegedly following a botched BBL procedure.
  • Some reports claimed she was in a coma, while others stated she was in a serious condition but not necessarily in a coma.

Newsypeople- A disturbing video has emerged online, showing Yoruba actress Aunty Ramota in a critical condition after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

The footage, which has sparked widespread concern and debate, allegedly depicts Aunty Ramota being transported on a stretcher to a hospital bed following the botched procedure.

Aunty Ramota On Stretcher Amid BBL Surgery Controversy
Aunty Ramota On Stretcher Amid BBL Surgery Controversy

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The video, shared by Nigerian celebrity blogger Tosin Silverdam, shows Aunty Ramota lying motionless on the stretcher, attached to an oxygen mask, and reportedly in a coma.

The situation has elicited an outpouring of worry and prayers from her fans and followers, many of whom are expressing disbelief and sadness while hoping for her speedy recovery.

The incident has also raised questions about the risks and consequences of cosmetic surgery, as well as the support and care provided to individuals undergoing such procedures.

Some netizens have questioned the authenticity of the video, suggesting it might be a skit or a movie scene, while others believe it to be a serious issue.

Aunty Ramota’s manager reportedly tried to stop her from undergoing the surgery but was unsuccessful. The actress, known for her small stature, had allegedly ingested body-enhancing pills in the past to increase her curves, which had also sparked controversy.

Aunty Ramota On Stretcher Amid BBL Surgery Controversy
Aunty Ramota On Stretcher Amid BBL Surgery Controversy

The incident has sparked a broader discussion about the dangers and ethics of cosmetic surgery, particularly among celebrities.

Fans and well-wishers are flooding social media with prayers and messages of support for Aunty Ramota, wishing her a swift recovery and return to good health.

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