• Governor Ademola Adeleke is the Osun State Governor who gave his daughter Nike a one-year ultimatum to get married.
  • Daughter Nike Adeleke is the 28-year-old daughter of Governor Adeleke who was given the ultimatum.
  • The ultimatum was given playfully by Governor Adeleke, urging Nike to find a partner and get married soon.

Newsypeople- Governor of Osun State Ademola Adeleke has given his daughter, Nike Adeleke, a one-year ultimatum to marry.

This was at a Q and A session on the former’s Instagram page, where she asked her father how he felt about her not being married yet.

Governor Ademola Adeleke Gives Daughter Nike One Year To Marry
Governor Ademola Adeleke Gives Daughter Nike One Year To Marry

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Nike is due to be 29 and single for many many years now. In reaction, Governor Adeleke noted that she was not getting any younger, reminding her he was already married and had a child by 28.

He urged her to start making plans toward settling down and getting a partner, telling her that was the next thing in life. “Do you think you are young?

I am waiting for all those toasters of yours; you’d better bring one so you come and tell me, ‘Dad, this is the one I am going to marry.’

This statement from the governor evoked laughter and applause from Nike, who basked in the verbal parleys with her father.

The latter remarks of the governor he had posted received many comments on social media in his praise for being a good father and taking time out to take his daughter out.

Governor Ademola Adeleke Gives Daughter Nike One Year To Marry
Governor Ademola Adeleke Gives Daughter Nike One Year To Marry

His ultimatum was also seen as reflective of societal pressure placed on women to marry by a certain age. There is, therefore, much fear among women to grow beyond 29 years without marrying since it is often seen to reflect being less attractive or less fertile.

see fans reactions below…

lifeofrona01: Adorable . I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

monicadenise: Are you the father of Nikos Babii was too CUTE 😍 this was amazing

cocolateluv: 😂😂😂😂 You dad is my adopted uncle if he won’t adopt me I’ll adopt him as my uncle period lol

tanksleyiyeh: This is what burna boy is talking about about not just to be a father but be in their life’s

scoobynero: Even when he is been serious , he is still a vibe n plays it out super cool 🤴🏾🫡❤️😳 This Man his different 🚀👌🏾

theemekaeze: A father’s love and affection towards his daughter makes her so confident, strong and Smart. Great

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