• A lady reached out to her fashion designer to create a dress similar to the one worn by actress Osas Ighodaro at the AMVCA 2024.
  • Osas looked stunning in her show-stopping brown dress designed by celebrity stylist Victoria James.
  • The lady’s dress had a similar style but was made with a less expensive fabric and had some differences in the flair at the knee area.

Newsypeople- Mixed reactions have trailed the recreation of Osas Ighodaro’s dress at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2024. The dress was originally designed by celebrity fashion designer Veekee James and has been widely admired.

Several stylists have attempted to recreate the dress, with one stylist sharing a video of the process from sketching to the final design.

Mixed Reactions To Designer's Replica Of Osas Ighodaro’s AMVCA 2024 Dress
Mixed Reactions To Designer’s Replica Of Osas Ighodaro’s AMVCA 2024 Dress

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The recreated dress received both praise and criticism from netizens. While some appreciated the effort and creativity involved, others felt that the dress was becoming too common and losing its originality.

Some users even expressed fatigue with the trend, suggesting that other styles should be explored instead.

One notable instance of a recreation was by a lady who ordered a similar dress from her fashion designer.

The finished outfit was displayed online, and many people commended the fashion designer for her work. However, some users noted that the dress was not an exact replica and that the fabric used was less expensive than the original.

Mixed Reactions To Designer's Replica Of Osas Ighodaro’s AMVCA 2024 Dress
Mixed Reactions To Designer’s Replica Of Osas Ighodaro’s AMVCA 2024 Dress

The mixed reactions highlight the challenges of recreating a highly admired and detailed design. While the effort and creativity involved are appreciated, the dress’s originality and uniqueness are often lost in the process.

see Reactions below…

@kefas_precious_: “You try but I prefer the original version.”

@eldimaafashion: “It’s a nice effort but let’s try to be original and not recreate exact designs. Inspirations like @veekee_james are great but be inspired not copy. Good effort.”

@porcholori: “They’re making the style look so cheap.”

@happyadamu_ripiye: “You did well e no easy. Well done.”

@catherineekanem: “This is not the only dress on AMVCA. Can it rest? Make una try Toke own na or Uche own.”

@bam.babycity: “You did so well. Now this is what I call Inspiration, and it turned out lovely. Well done.”

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