• Wyclef Jean, a renowned musician and former Fugees member, expressed admiration for Black Sherif’s unique outfit in his Kilos Milos promotional video.
  • The outfit, which blended elements of cowboy-inspired jeans and incorporated a corset and a skirt, caught Wyclef Jean’s attention.
  • He commented on Instagram, saying, “Need that outfit !!!!”

Newsypeople- Internationally renowned musician and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean has expressed significant admiration for Ghanaian music sensation Black Sherif’s latest fashion statement.

In the promotional video for his new single “Kilos Milos”, Black Sherif flaunted an eye-catching all-black outfit that blends elements of cowboy-inspired jeans, a corset, and a skirt.

Rapper Wyclef Jean ‘Begs’ Black Sherif For His Outfit
Rapper Wyclef Jean ‘Begs’ Black Sherif For His Outfit | Image Source: Miami Herald

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This bold and unconventional look has become synonymous with Black Sherif’s brand, as the musician has on several occasions shared his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion norms.

Wyclef Jean, who is also famed for his own eccentric style and trendsetting fashion choices, could not help but express his admiration for Black Sherif’s outfit.

Taking to Instagram, he commented on Black Sherif’s post, making it clear just how much he loved the ensemble, writing “Need that outfit !!!!” This praise from the legendary Fugees member has sparked a significant reaction on social media, with many Ghanaian fans weighing in on Black Sherif’s unique fashion choices.

Some social media users described the outfit as having a “Gothic” and “Devil wear fashion” vibe, with the “concept of the traveler” being an intriguing element. Others reacted with more lighthearted comments, questioning how a “slim guy” could pull off wearing a corset.

Regardless of the varied reactions, it is clear that Black Sherif’s bold fashion statement has captured the attention of not only his local fanbase, but also international music icons like Wyclef Jean.

This is not the first time Black Sherif and Wyclef Jean have crossed paths. The two musicians were previously spotted together, impressing fans with a beautiful rendition of their popular legwork.

Rapper Wyclef Jean ‘Begs’ Black Sherif For His Outfit
Rapper Wyclef Jean ‘Begs’ Black Sherif For His Outfit | Image Source: Harlem World Magazine

The mutual admiration between the Ghanaian star and the Fugees legend further solidifies Black Sherif’s growing influence and recognition on the global music scene.

As Black Sherif continues to push the boundaries of fashion and music, it will be interesting to see how his unique style and sound continue to captivate audiences both at home and abroad. The endorsement from a respected figure like Wyclef Jean is a testament to the rising star’s impact and the growing appreciation for his artistic expression.

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