• Oma Nnadi posted old pictures of her husband with a simple caption: “Happy Birthday to you @noni_ken_”.
  • The post received mixed reactions from her followers, with some calling it unromantic and questioning the state of their marriage.
  • Many users felt the post was too plain and lacked the usual lovey-dovey and lengthy messages typically seen on social media.

Newsypeople- Nollywood actress Oma Nnadi’s brief and unromantic birthday message to her husband Nonso Enem has sparked speculation among fans about the state of their marriage.

Rather than the usual lengthy, affectionate posts she has shared in the past, Oma simply wrote “Happy Birthday to you @noni_ken_” along with old photos of her husband.

Speculation Follows Actress Oma Nnadi's 'Plain' Birthday Message To Husband
Speculation Follows Actress Oma Nnadi’s ‘Plain’ Birthday Message To Husband

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Many of Oma’s followers expressed surprise and concern over the tone of the message, with some wondering if the couple was experiencing difficulties.

Comments included

“This birthday caption be like say na forcefully” and “Una dey fight? This post is too ordinary biko”.

The contrast was stark compared to Oma’s previous public displays of love, such as recreating an iconic bedroom photo with Nonso in 2023 and gushing about his tattoo of her name on his leg in 2021.

However, Oma has since responded to the criticism, appreciating her followers for their comments and stating that her husband also sends his love.

She did not directly address the speculation about their relationship. Some fans have defended Oma, noting that she knows how to handle social media.

Speculation Follows Actress Oma Nnadi's 'Plain' Birthday Message To Husband
Speculation Follows Actress Oma Nnadi’s ‘Plain’ Birthday Message To Husband

It remains to be seen if Oma will share a more elaborate birthday message for Nonso or provide further clarity about their marriage.

For now, her brief post has left many of her fans and followers concerned and curious about the couple’s current status.’

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