• Tolanibaj’s announcement has sparked mixed reactions online, with some people surprised by her age and others expressing confusion.
  • Social media users were taken aback by her revelation, with some commenting that “ageing used to be a blessing”.
  • Her new age revelation has caused a stir online, with many people discussing her age and its implications.
  • Tolanibaj had previously revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 24, which has added to the surprise and curiosity surrounding her age.

Newsypeople- Tolanibaj, a popular reality TV personality, has caused a stir on social media by announcing that she will be turning 24 years old in December.

This revelation was made during a conversation on her podcast “Bants and Boujee” with co-host Moet Abebe.

Tolanibaj Sparks Reactions By Announcing She'll Turn 24 In December
Tolanibaj Sparks Reactions By Announcing She’ll Turn 24 In December

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Initially, the discussion centered around Nigerian artist Ayra Starr’s latest music, but it took an unexpected turn when Abebe asked about ages.

Tolanibaj’s response that she celebrated her 21st birthday in 2021 caught everyone off guard. She further emphasized her upcoming birthday in December and shared plans for a beach party.

The unexpected disclosure has generated a lot of attention online, with fans expressing both surprise and curiosity about Tolanibaj’s age.

Netizens have been reacting to the news, with some expressing surprise and others questioning her age. Some have even made humorous comments about her age, comparing her to Beyoncé or suggesting she looks older than her stated age.

Tolanibaj’s age revelation has also sparked discussions about aging and how people perceive it.

Some have expressed the view that aging used to be a blessing but is now seen as a curse, especially among young people who want to maintain a youthful appearance. Others have questioned why some people are scared of aging, suggesting that it is a natural part of life.

Tolanibaj Sparks Reactions By Announcing She'll Turn 24 In December
Tolanibaj Sparks Reactions By Announcing She’ll Turn 24 In December

The reactions to Tolanibaj’s age revelation have been mixed, with some people supporting her and others expressing skepticism.

The controversy has also led to discussions about the importance of being proud of one’s age and not trying to hide it.

see reactions below…

chyddo said: “Aging used to be a blessing, now its as if its a curse with the way some of you want to turn to babies again.”

ryra_blinks said: “This girl just resemble Chioma Davido Abi na just my eyes”

itslisadave said: “Buy why are BBN girls scared of aging??? Una be vampire???”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “You know we are in the era of Vv identifying with whatever we like. She identifies as a GenZ inside a Bloomer’s body”

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