• Yvonne Jegede defends Yul Edochie’s decision to marry a second wife.
  • Yul Edochie believes there is nothing wrong with multiple marriages as long as it brings individual happiness.
  • Edochie’s actions have been met with significant backlash, particularly from his first wife, May Edochie.

Yvonne Jegede, a Nollywood actress, has publicly defended her colleague Yul Edochie’s decision to marry a second wife, Judy Austin, despite criticism from many.

During an interview with The Honest Bunch podcast, Yvonne maintained that Yul had done nothing illegal, noting that many of his detractors come from polygamous homes themselves.

Yvonne Jegede Supports Yul Edochie’s Decision To Take A Second Wife
Yvonne Jegede Supports Yul Edochie’s Decision To Take A Second Wife

She questioned the hypocrisy of people condemning Yul while praising Regina Daniels, who is also in a polygamous marriage. Yvonne pointed out the irony that Regina is frequently cited as a role model, with many expressing a wish to be in her position.

Yvonne explained her stance, saying: “You see this Yul Edochie ehnnn, 99% of people abusing him are from second wives, third wives, fourth wives and fifth wives.

Sometimes wife that the family doesn’t know about. Let us stop being silly on the internet. I don’t see anything he has done wrong.”

However, Yul’s brother Uche Edochie revealed that the Edochie family was not in support of the second marriage, as it was unfair to Yul’s first wife of 17 years, May, who did not agree to be part of a polygamous marriage.

Yvonne Jegede Supports Yul Edochie’s Decision To Take A Second Wife
Yvonne Jegede Supports Yul Edochie’s Decision To Take A Second Wife

Uche stated that the family is trying their best to console May, as this is not their tradition.

Yul’s other brother, Linc Edochie, also mentioned that he was not present when Yul paid the bride price for his second wife.

Yul, the last child of veteran actor Pete Edochie, married his first wife when he was 22 years old, and the couple has four children together.

Despite the family’s disapproval, Yul has assured his second wife Judy Austin of his love and support, referring to her as “Ijele Odogwu” (a title meaning “the greatest of all”).

Judy has also publicly supported Yul, defending him against critics who accused him of moving on too quickly after the tragic death of his first son in March 2023.

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