South Korean actor Heo Sung-Tae Tattoo helped him achieve a deadly look and physique that made him one of the most capable participants to win the game, but unfortunately, loses in the end.

Heo Sung-Tae is a South Korean actor generally known for outstanding performances portraying villain roles in South Korean movies and TV series.

According to the sources, the actor has over sixty film and television credits after kick-starting his acting career in 2011.

Reports suggest Heo Sung-Tae was born on October 20, 1977, in Busan, South Korea, to his mother, I Hye-gyeong, and father, who passed away on January 2021 due to chronic illness.

Throughout his career, the actor has portrayed several characters.

One of his most iconic appearances was in the 2021 Netflix Original TV series “Squid Game,” which accumulated Heo, a large international audience.

And after the show hit the international market, Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo patterns earned him massive recognition in the entertainment industry.

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Heo Sung-Tae tattoo: Does The Actor Have Any?

Since Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo around the neck enhanced his deadly look during his appearance on “Squid Game,” fans and followers believe the villain has tattoos.

Unfortunately, the Heo Sung-Tae tattoo doesn’t exist in reality, and the outstanding artist is charming and loveable.

And because of his work to act as a primary antagonist, the actor appeared with a deadly combination.

Heo Sung-Tae portrayed the role of a gangster boss in South Korea, Jang Deok-su, aka Player 101. In the play, Deok Soo is pursued after losing all of the organization’s money in a casino.

He enters the game by any means available, believing he can solve everything in one shot if he wins.

Many people over the internet still claim that Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo of an atrocious snake is real, but you’ll be shocked to learn that the actor doesn’t.

Heo Sung-Tae tattoo
South Korean Heo Sung-Tae In Squid Game As Jang Deok Su. (Source: Epicstream)

All the claims are invalidated since the actor is actively present on social media, and no traces of Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo of a snake around the neck and body is noticed in any picture.

Moreover, according to the director of “Squid Game,” sources discovered Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo of the atrocious snake around the body was a prosthetic and proxy tattoo filter.

The prosthetic was leashed with heavy CGI that convinced viewers to accept Heo Sung-Tae’s tattoo in reality.

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Heo Sung-Tae In Squid Game As Gangster Boss Jang Deok-su

Jang Deok-su, aka Player 101, is a nasty individual and low-functioning psychopath who terrorizes and murders other competitors in the Squid game.

The outstanding character takes pleasure in intentionally targeting lesser contestants, whether to boost his odds or simply out of spite.

Deok-wickedness Su’s is so heinous that he repulses contenders like Cho Sang-woo.

Heo Sung-Tae may be seen remorselessly grinning as he murders more people, even though his teammates are shocked by their deeds (after the Tug-Of-War game). 

Deok-su, who has any redeeming traits and is truly cruel and willing to get his hands dirty, is much more brutal and evil than Oh Il-nam and the Front Man who manage the games.

According to the Villian Fandom, the deadly character portrayed by Heo Sung-Tae on the Netflix Original series “Squid Game” has outstood every other ferocious portrayal.

Heo Sung-Tae Tattoo
Heo Sung-Tae In Squid Game As Player 101. (Source: AllKpop)

Despite Heo’s Deok-su appearance as fierce and deadly, he is a coward terrified of death.

He’s also so selfish that he’d rather die violently alongside the other players than sacrifice himself for them.

In conclusion, the South Korean actor Heo Sung-Tae tattoo rumors, in reality, are fake, and his portrayal of Jang Deok-su, a mafia boss, aka player 101, has brought a colossal crowd towards the show.

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