• Lady reveals the crush she had on actor Alexx Ekubo faded after meeting him in person.
  • Despite previously expressing a crush on him, she changed her mind upon realizing he wasn’t as tall as she thought, though she still acknowledged his good looks.

A Facebook user identified as Ekwutosi C. Okeh disclosed that her immense admiration for actor Alexx Ekubo faded upon meeting the actor in person.

Previously, she had publicly shared that she had a crush on the actor.  However, following a physical encounter, her feelings changed.

In a post on her Facebook page, Ekwutosi explained that she observed something that altered her perception of Alexx.

She initially believed he was very tall, but upon standing next to him, she realized this was not the case. Despite this revelation, she still acknowledged his good looks.

Ekwutosi subsequently expressed her updated feelings with the following statement:

“I been think sey Alex Ekubo is very tall ooo. “He’s currently standing close to me this place I am and bro is not as tall as Movies made him. He’s fine shaa, I no crush again.”

See the post below:

In another report, the graduation celebration of a group of exuberant SS3 students ended in an accident after their car ran into a tree, causing severe damage.

A video circulating on social media captured the students’ initial joy as they packed themselves into a car, celebrating their high school graduation after completing their WASSCE.

They were seen speeding within the school premises, with one student dangerously sitting on the edge of the car’s window.

The celebration quickly turned sour when the car crashed into a tree. The video showed the heavily damaged vehicle, but it did not provide any details about the students’ safety or injuries.

Varying comments subsequently trailed the post with netizens sharing their thoughts.

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