• Woman behind the viral sound ‘had it been I know you’ has cried out for help.
  • In a TikTok live video, the lady claimed that her shop was recently demolished, lamenting that despite how viral her sound went, she hasn’t made any money from it.
  • She also disclosed the story behind the viral violent interview.

The woman behind the viral sound ‘had it been I know you’ has shared her plight with the public.

A video from the TikTok live session she recently launched showed her lamenting about the demolition of her shop by the government.

She expressed displeasure over the fact that despite how viral her sound went, she didn’t receive any money from it.

Unveiling the mystery behind her violent interview which led to her slapping the interviewer, she affirmed that she met a guy who promised to marry her and she went on to spend massively on him.

She revealed how she bought shoes, clothes and even did an Int’l Passport for the guy with the intention that when he travels out and makes it big, he’ll come for her.

However, despite all she did, the guy disappointed her which led to her waylaying and stripping him off all the things she got for him.

Watch the video below:

Netizens are currently reacting to the clip.

One Actress, Anita Joseph wrote: “Where is dat boy 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🧡shallom. Chaiiiii dat sound eh 👏👏.”

ble_ssing_sunday wrote: “The fact that she still sound funny in this serious situation😩 She would have made good money cos her voice trended for a while but in Nigeria hardly do they pay royalties.”

wuraaola_art wrote: “As she Dey talk, I just Dey hear that “had it been”😂😂 but this is a cry for help tho, I hope this reaches The right audience😢❤️.”

gee4gifty____ wrote: “Oh now I see, that video wasn’t a skit.. HAD IT BEEN it was a skit, she wouldn’t sound the same 😭.”

danny.official wrote: “She sacrificed her pain to see us laugh 😂 let’s help her please.”

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