Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update: Roster and Predictions - Are They Championship Favorites?

Let’s take a look at “Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update” Due to her injury, Nebraska’s Ally Batenhorst will miss a few games. She tore a muscle in her abdomen, and she is still recuperating.

One of the most successful volleyball teams in the country is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Their recent domination in the NCAA division demonstrates a well-trained team that has faith in John Cook as their coach.

Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update: Roster and Predictions - Are They Championship Favorites?
Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update: Roster and Predictions – Are They Championship Favorites?

However, due to various injuries, the Huskers are expected to experience some difficult days this year. However, they have a strong track record and enter the new season with an 8-1 record.

As of now, Cornhuskers are ranked 3rd according to the points provided by the NCAA. They will be hosting Michigan State tonight who have also started well with a record of 9-2.

Quick Facts

Name Ally Batenhorst
Age 20
Birthday July 26
Zodiac Sign Leo
Relationship Status Single
Parents Kurt and Susan Batenhorst
Siblings Casey and Danielle Batenhorst
Profession Volleyball Player
Associated teams Nebraska Cornhuskers
Year Sophomore

Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update: Outside Hitter Misses Few Games For Nebraska

Ally Batenhorst has suffered an abdominal muscle injury.

According to the Huskers coach, John Cook, the Sophomore outside hitter might be missing a few games.

Coming back from an impressive freshman season, Batenhorst is one of her team’s top 4 outside hitters. She started the game against Creighton but was subbed off in the first set.

The 20-year-old outsider suffered a muscle injury and left the game in the first set. Her suffering was also evident when training with Jolene Emricson, the athletic trainer.

Cook has always held Batenhorst in high regard and said she would be a significant miss for the team. He wants her to take some time off the pitch so that it doesn’t develop into a recurring injury.

“It’s one of those things where they’re hard to heal up,” The coach said on Huskers radio, “You try to get back, but it can just be one little thing that sets it off again.”

“She started the match, and I could tell she was off. I go, ‘Are you OK?’ and she said yeah. And then when she came out the second time, she said, ‘I don’t think I can play.’” Cook elaborated.

Batenhorst’s injury has rightfully put concerns on a lot of Huskers fans. Her return remains unknown for the time being as the coach is giving her time to rehabilitate both physically and mentally.

But we know she is a demanding customer and will return to her playing ways in no time. Let’s learn more about the Nebraska sophomore who set her footprints in the first year.

Nebraska outsider Ally Batenhorst is sidelined because of abdominal muscle injury
Nebraska outsider Ally Batenhorst is sidelined because of abdominal muscle injury ( Source : instagram )

Nebraska Cornhuskers Volleyball Roster And Squad List

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball is undoubtedly one of the NCAA favorites every season. They are the third most successful team in NCAA history, with five national championships.

It is no joke to produce the best volleyball talents every year. Here is the complete roster of the team for the 2022 season:

  • Nicklin Hames: This 5’10” setter and defensive specialist has been with the Huskers for a long time. Currently a senior, she is a native of Maryville, Tennessee. She will want to finish her collegiate career with a high in her final year.
  • Kenzie Knuckles: A native of Yorktown, Indiana, she is a 5’10” libero and defensive specialist. She is also a senior looking to win the national championship before departure.
  • Annie Evans: Setter Annie is a junior who stands 5 foot 9 inches tall. She is originally from Waverly, Nebraska.
  • Bekka Allick: A Lincoln girl, she loves playing in her backyard. The 6’4” tall middle blocker is one of the most exciting freshmen this season.
  • Maise Boesiger: This defensive specialist is another freshman from Firth, Nebraska. The 5’6” libero will give quite a competition to senior defensive specialists on the team.
The entire Nebraska Cornhuskers team in one frame
The entire Nebraska Cornhuskers team in one frame ( Source : instagram )
  • Lexi Rodriguez: The 5’5” Illinois girl is more challenging than she looks. Her 2021 season was one of the best as a libero.
  • Kennedi Orr: This Minnesota-born sophomore stands 6 feet tall. She is one of the top setters on the team.
  • Madi Kubak: The 6’3” outside hitter is a native of Iowa. She is known for her attacking prowess.
  • Whitney Launestein: Another Waverly native is a 6’2” outsider hitter, Whitney. She is currently in sophomore year and showed her potential last season.
  • Ally Batenhorst: The tallest on the team, 6’5”, Texas-raised, is known for her impossible kills. She is a sophomore.
  • Lindsay Krause: Another outside hitter who stands at 6’4” is Lindsay. She is from Papillion, Nebraska.
  • Kaitlyn Hord: This middle blocker transferred from Penn State, Nebraska’s fiercest rivals. She is a senior and stands 6’4” tall.
  • Hayden Kubik: A freshman outside hitter, 6’2”, Hayden will get a lot of opportunities due to injury issues.
  • Maggie Mendelson: Middle blocker Maggie is as tall as Ally Batenhorst. A freshman at Nebraska, she is a tremendous prospect.

Coach: John Cook is one of the best coaches in the Big Ten Conference. He has been the head coach of the Huskers since 2000, leading the team to four national championships. The 60-year will lead the team to his 23rd season.

Assistant Coaches: Jaylen Reyes, Kelly Hunter

Nebraska Cornhuskers Fixtures And Predictions: Are They Championship Favorites?

Nebraska Cornhuskers are one of those teams who always go to a new season as a favorite for the national championship.

A five-time NCAA champion, they are the third-most successful team in the country, behind Stanford and their arch-rivals, Penn State. They almost took the tally to 6 in 2021 when they lost the title to Wisconsin by the barest of margins.

But it’s a new season, and the Huskers will be eyeing to repeat the 2021 season but win the finals this time. They have started pretty well, but the team has injury concerns.

The Huskers have won eight out of their nine games. According to the NCAA points system, they are currently ranked third for the season. But other teams like Penn State stand firm with the 11-0 record.

Nebraska has a home game tonight against Michigan State. This ought to be a relatively easy game for the Huskers, but the last time they played at home, they lost 1-3 to Stanford. So there might be some nerves among the players.

The Huskers will host the Michigan State to kick off the Big Ten
The Huskers will host the Michigan State to kick off the Big Ten ( Source : instagram )

Hence the real test of the Big Ten starts tonight against Michigan State. The Huskers, as always, will be favorites for the NCAA semi-finals that are to take place in Omaha this year.

With an already talented roster, adding new players has strengthened the Huskers. So, they might go on to win the national championship after five years since they last did in 2017.

However, excluding usual suspects such as Stanford and Penn State would be foolish. Also, Wisconsin broke its deadlock last year and will be motivated to continue its good form.

Nonetheless, it’s another season of action-packed volleyball battles that will conclude on December 17 at CHI Health Center, Omaha.

Is Ally Batenhorst Playing Against Ohio State? Replacement Moving Foward

Outside hitter Ally Batenhorst’s injury seems to be long-term. She may not play against Ohio State and will undoubtedly miss the one against Michigan State.

Coach John Cook had replaced her with the freshman, Hayden Kubik. The coach will be pleased that Kubik did a great coach when she came off the bench in the game against Creighton.

Kubik finished with six kills, five digs, and a block. She also had the game-winning kill. She is an excellent backup to have. Still a freshman, she is going to get a lot of opportunities moving forward.

The 20-year-old Ally Batenhorst is already signing sponsorship and partnering deals
The 20-year-old Ally Batenhorst is already signing sponsorship and partnering deals ( Source : instagram )

But Batenhorst’s injury will be felt just like it did at home against Stanford. So the fans want her to recover and lead her team back to winning ways. Over the past year, she has become an offensive beacon for the team.

However, her return seems impossible for a few games. Her abdominal muscle injury fails to recover, and the Huskers’ number 14 will probably have to spend a few more days off the playing field.

Ally Batenhorst Parents And Ethnicity: A Glance on Her Family

Ally Batenhorst is very close to her parents. Her father is Kurt Batenhorst, and her mother is Susan Batenhorst.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she moved to Houston, Texas, for high school. She attended Seven Lakes High School and was one of the excellent volleyball prospects produced by the school.

Moreover, Ally Batenhorst is currently 20 years of age. She celebrates her birthday on July 26 with her friends and family. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Moving on, she has two sisters. Casey and Danielle Batenhorst.

The 20-year-old doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend at the moment. Her well-followed Instagram wall doesn’t have any pictures of her boyfriend. She is probably focused solely on her career.

Ally Batenhorst with her mother, Susan Batenhorst
Ally Batenhorst with her mother, Susan Batenhorst ( Source : instagram )

Ally Batenhorst’s Career is Already a Highlight

Ally Batenhorst is pretty young, but her career has set off like a rocket.

In 2021, she was ranked the 3rd overall and 2nd outside hitter prospect by Prep Volleyball. She has also ranked the number one prospect in the state of Texas.

Before Nebraska, she was named the Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year candidate for the 2020/21 season. Her unreal stats were 574 kills, 371 digs, 33 blocks, and 33 service aces. She led the Spartans to a 25-1 record, the best of their career.

As one of the most outstanding volleyball prospects, Batenhorst decided to join the University of Nebraska. As a freshman, she averaged 1.99 kills, 0.63 digs, and 0.3 blocks per set. She had seven double digits kill performances in her first season.

Coming into her sophomore year, Batenhorst was one of the most watched players in the division. She made a season-high ten kills in the Husker invitational opener against LMU after setting seven kills in her debut game against Tulsa.

However, she suffered a muscle injury during the game against Creighton and has been sidelined. But it’s just a matter of time until she embraces us with her outstanding skills as a volleyball outside hitter.

Nebraska Volleyball Ally Batenhorst Injury Update
The Nebraska Huskers in action ( Source : instagram )

Some FAQs

What happened to Ally Batenhorst Nebraska?

Ally Batenhorst has suffered from an abdominal muscle injury. She was taken of the game against Creighton.

Will Ally Batenhorst play against Ohio State?

Ally Batenhorst will possibly not play against Ohio State. She might play next weekend.

Who will replace Ally Batenhorst as an outside hitter?

Freshman Hayden Kubik has played in Batenhorst’s position. But coach John Cook likes to rotate his players.

Can the Huskers win the National Championships in 2022?

The Huskers are certainly one of the favorites to win the NCAA tournament this year. But they have some injury concerns.

Where and Where the NCAA Championships take place?

The 2022 NCAA Championships will take place in the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. The games will be played from December 15 to December 17.
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