Sophie Neuendorf Husband: Who Is Jaime? An Insight Into Relationship Timeline

Let’s find out “Sophie Neuendorf Husband: Who Is Jaime?” Sophie Neuendorf is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Artnet. She runs the company’s partnership program with art fairs, financial institutions, and cultural institutions.

Sophie has worked at Artnet for eight years and was also the Director of their well-known Gallery Network, which is a place where the best galleries in the world can meet.

In a globalized art world, Artnet’s products, like the Price Database and the Gallery Network, give collectors, professionals, and galleries the information, inventory management, and marketing tools they need to grow their businesses and move the art world forward.

Sophie is German, went to school in London, and worked at Christie’s before she started working at Artnet. She just got married. Yes, you did read it correctly. Sophie got married recently. Read the article to find out more.

Who Is Sophie Neuendorf’s Husband?

Prince Jaime is Sophie Neuendorf’s husband now. Sophie Neuendorf lived in London three years ago, and Jaime, Count of Teba and Count of Baos, lived in Madrid. But one night, their paths crossed, and they ended up at the same party in Germany. When they started talking, Jaime made Sophie laugh almost right away.

Sophie says, “One of the things I liked most about him was his sense of humor and joy of life.” In 2021, on Christmas Day, he showed that he was kind and funny at the same time by proposing to Sophie while “Jingle Bell Rock” played in the background. The wedding was on September 3, 2022.

Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi was born on October 13, 1972. He is Princess Irene of the Netherlands and Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma’s second son and third child. He is a member of both the House of Bourbon-Parma and the Dutch royal family through marriage. He was the Dutch ambassador to the Holy See from 2014 to 2018.

He worked at UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, as the Senior Advisor for Private Sector Partnerships until 2021. He is the Climate Envoy of the Netherlands at the moment.

Sophie Neuendorf Husband: Who Is Jaime
Sophie Neuendorf Husband: Who Is Jaime

However, Jaime used to be married to Viktória Cservenyák. It’s not clear whether or not they got a divorce.

An Insight Into Sophie Neuendorf And Jaime’s Husband

The couple decided to get married on the first weekend of September when the Balearic island is at its most beautiful. Almost all of the planning was done by Sophie, her mother, and her maid of honor.
Sophie wanted to show off both her German background and the Spanish background of her husband.

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For the ceremony, she wore a custom-made dress by Berlin-based designer Kaviar Gauche. She also wore a traditional cordobès hat by the Spanish brand Mimoki and a Piaget watch and jewelry.

Who Is Sophie Neuendorf's Husband? Meet Jaime!

During the evening, Sophie changed into a dress made just for her by Teresa Palazuelo, a designer from Madrid.

The new Countess of Teba says that the reception “brought together my German and art world heritage with my husband’s Spanish heritage.” Wine from Jaime’s estate, the Condes of Baos, was served with fresh, local Spanish food.

On Sunday afternoon, the couple’s family and friends got together for a goodbye brunch that went on longer than planned.

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