• Video captures the moment some SS3 students stormed their school with a car following the completion of their exams.
  • The clip showed them packed in a car and speeding within the school premises.
  • The video did not provide details about their safety.

The graduation celebration of a group of exuberant SS3 students ended in an accident after their car ran into a tree, causing severe damage.

A video circulating on social media captured the students’ initial joy as they packed themselves into a car, celebrating their high school graduation after completing their WASSCE.

They were seen speeding within the school premises, with one student dangerously sitting on the edge of the car’s window.

The celebration quickly turned sour when the car crashed into a tree. The video showed the heavily damaged vehicle, but it did not provide any details about the students’ safety or injuries.

Watch the video below:


Varying comments subsequently trailed the post with netizens sharing their thoughts.

One mz_sammyy quizzed: “Judging from the kind of school, their parents cannot obviously afford the car… question is how did a secondary school child buy a car?”

dreybytheway said: “If no lives were lost, then everything else is SECONDARY.”

jay_scotch_autos noted: “ES and Camry boys no dey ever calm down. Thier bl00d too dey hot 😂😂😂.”

pendown9ja stated: “Hope they came out unscathed? Let them celebrate its their moment😄😄.”

yesimprettyoma said: “It’s obvious to know people that didn’t stress to make money.. See how they damaged the car.”

In other news, a shocking prophecy has left netizens chilled as a Ghanaian prophet identified as Karma President drops a disturbing revelation for the controversial media personality, Saida Boj, urging her to be cautious of mayhem.

During an interview, he made startling prophecies about the influencer.

According to the prophet, there are evil forces from Saida’s father’s side attempting to harm her.

He claimed these forces were trying to transform her into an animal for sacrificial purposes. Furthermore, the prophet alleged that in the spiritual realm, Saida is being made to wear a ‘metallic mask,’ which he warned would negatively impact her health, draining her blood in the sense that whenever she is sick, she would require blood transfusion.

He added that Saida Boj wants to get into the big league so fast which could ultimately lead to her doom.

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