San Francisco’s big tech revival: How embattled CEOs are moving BACK after fleeing the Democrat city – with the Bay Area still holding its position as ‘brainpower’ of AI despite booming investments in Texas and Miami

Founders, Silicon Valley investors, and executives are returning to San Francisco after fleeing during the pandemic almost four years ago. Technology founders even boasted about their success in securing funding outside the Bay Area and pushed for remote work among their employees. 
February 19, 2024

LA’s iconic Sunset Sound recording studio says nearby homeless encampment is scaring away stars – with Taylor Swift ‘vowing never to return after being accosted by vagrants outside’

An iconic recording studio in Los Angeles claims a nearby homeless encampment has scared away well-known stars and could ‘potentially put them out of business.’  Sunset Sound Recorders studio, located in Hollywood, has been in business for 68 years and has been directly affected
February 16, 2024