The topic that is dominating British politics: Pro-Palestine protests bring streets to a standstill and cause chaos in the Commons while ‘Gaza by-election’ takes place in Rochdale… as families worry about cost of living and inflation

Pro-palestine protests have swept the country and dominated the British political landscape in recent months, with fury over the Israel-Gaza conflict causing chaos in the Commons and becoming the stand-out issue in the Rochdale by-election. The vote has been dubbed a referendum
February 25, 2024

How it took a group of woke ad execs 13 days of riding on trains, five months of ‘co-creation workshops with writers, poets and performers’ (and £100,000 of public money) to dream up Sadiq Khan’s ‘patronising and insultingly twee’ London Overground rebrand

It could be a scene straight from the vaults of cult political comedy The Thick Of It.  A group of branding execs paid £100,000 of public cash to sit on London Overground trains for 13 days until inspiration struck for a name for the
February 18, 2024