From snoring to clapping and getting drunk…Inside the theatre as Sheridan Smith gets set for the curtain call of Opening Night after producers announced show would end its West End run early

Sheridan Smith’s critically slammed, fourth-wall breaking play Opening Night has been canned two months early – and a visit to London’s Gielgud Theatre reveals patrons were falling asleep or walking out halfway through. Theatregoers watching Sheridan Smith’s under-fire West End performance were heard whispering
April 12, 2024

Coming to a street near YOU? Warning that Chinese-made ‘Frankenstein’ drug 1,000 times stronger than morphine will trigger terrifying zombieland scenes engulfing opioid-ravaged US cities

Terrifying zombieland scenes plaguing US-cities could be coming to British soon as Chinese-made ‘Frankenstein’ opioids start to flood our streets. That’s according to a former drug dealer turned pastor and addiction advocate. Mick Fleming, 58, who runs charity Church on the Street,
April 2, 2024

England and Wales’ baby crisis laid bare: Fascinating maps reveal areas at biggest risk of ‘underpopulation’ without migration – with women in some parts of London now only having an average of just 0.6 babies… so how does YOUR neighbourhood fare?

The extent of England and Wales’ baby bust was today laid bare by shock analysis showing no authority has a fertility rate above ‘replacement’ level. MailOnline can today reveal that the worst-hit areas have seen birth rates plummet by 39 per cent
March 23, 2024

Russian-linked cyber criminals behind major attacks on Royal Mail and Porton Down are shut down in global sting: Seven are arrested and three more on the run after British-led clampdown on gang ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s pariah state

The world’s most dangerous ransomware gang has been shut down in an operation led by ‘Britain’s FBI’ – with seven arrested and three on the run after police infiltrated the network of hackers ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s Russia.  Lockbit has been
February 20, 2024