Inside the 20 men-in-a-cell UAE prison housing Quincy Promes: Former Ajax star is in a freezing cold jail where no fruit or vegetables are served and rape is ‘an everyday occurrence’ – as he hopes to be sent to Russia, not Holland

Promes is serving a six-year sentence for involvement in cocaine smuggling He is said to be allowed exercise three times a week and must have head shaved  Chris Sutton: Romelu Lukaku is to blame for his Chelsea failings – Listen to It’s All
March 29, 2024

Russian-linked cyber criminals behind major attacks on Royal Mail and Porton Down are shut down in global sting: Seven are arrested and three more on the run after British-led clampdown on gang ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s pariah state

The world’s most dangerous ransomware gang has been shut down in an operation led by ‘Britain’s FBI’ – with seven arrested and three on the run after police infiltrated the network of hackers ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s Russia.  Lockbit has been
February 20, 2024