Inside the chilling world of the Mean Girl MURDERERS: Sinister true crime doc is set to lift the lid on vicious female killers – from the high schooler who stabbed her lesbian lover’s mom to death to a homecoming queen’s deadly love rivalry

Teenage girls can be a handful at the best of times, but a sinister new true crime series is set to delve into the most horrifying side of female rivalries – laying bare the most heinous murders committed by young women.   Investigation
March 5, 2024

Trump says ‘Biden’s invasion’ has sparked ‘WAR’ at the border: Praises agents dealing with men ‘from the Congo and jails’ and says Joe will ‘never’ say name of murdered jogger Laken Riley in wild Eagle Pass speech

Donald Trump declared the U.S. is at ‘war’ at the border because of ‘Joe Biden’s invasion’ and claimed military-aged men who look like ‘warriors’ are streaming across the Rio Grande from ‘jails in the Congo’ in a fiery speech in Texas on Thursday.
March 3, 2024