Woke Culture

How it took a group of woke ad execs 13 days of riding on trains, five months of ‘co-creation workshops with writers, poets and performers’ (and £100,000 of public money) to dream up Sadiq Khan’s ‘patronising and insultingly twee’ London Overground rebrand

It could be a scene straight from the vaults of cult political comedy The Thick Of It.  A group of branding execs paid £100,000 of public cash to sit on London Overground trains for 13 days until inspiration struck for a name for the
February 18, 2024

‘Finally, Jackie Weaver gets the tube map recognition she deserves!’: Baffled commuters in stitches over the Overground’s Weaver Line – but are ‘disappointed’ to learn it’s NOT in honour of the internet star

Commuters have been left in stitches today over the Overground’s new Weaver Line after joking viral star Jackie Weaver had finally got the recognition she deserved.  Mrs Weaver became an unlikely overnight hit when a chaotic Handforth parish council Zoom meeting went
February 15, 2024