I was ‘Notorious’ – Australia’s most infamous bad boy bikie. I used to brawl with rivals and my run-ins with the police were the stuff of legend… but my life couldn’t be any more different now

Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert was Australia’s original ‘Instagram bikie’ – a Hells Angel whose drug-fuelled rampages with gang members and heavily tattooed women were glamourised on social media. Geppert, 32, was the bikie who famously exchanged blows with a rival outside a Gold Coast KFC in
March 19, 2024

Pennsylvania ‘beheader’ Justin Mohn is hit with new TERRORISM charges after ‘decapitating his father’ and ‘offering a $1 MILLION bounty to anyone who killed top federal officials in chilling anti-Biden clip

The Pennsylvania man accused of decapitating his father and holding up his severed head in a YouTube video while railing against the Biden administration has been hit with new terrorism charges. Justin Mohn, 32, was initially charged with first-degree murder, possession of an instrument
February 16, 2024