Teyana Taylor Clarifies Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors
  • Teyana Taylor clarified that her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio is purely professional and friendly, addressing rumors of a romantic involvement.
  • The interaction between them was about helping DiCaprio with his hair extensions and discussing cornbread, ensuring he was eating well.
  • DiCaprio is described as supportive and encouraging, with Taylor praising his nature.

Teyana Taylor Clarifies Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors, a singer and actress known for her role in the upcoming film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, recently addressed rumors of a romantic relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, her co-star in the film. The speculation was sparked by a video of the two of them standing close together and chatting at a pre-Oscars party, which led to widespread media attention and speculation about their relationship status.

In an interview with E! News, Taylor clarified the nature of her relationship with DiCaprio, explaining that the video was not indicative of a romantic involvement but rather a professional and friendly interaction. She mentioned that DiCaprio wore extensions for the movie, which were causing him discomfort, and she was simply assisting him with his hair.

Teyana Taylor Clarifies Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors
Teyana Taylor Clarifies Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors

Additionally, she shared a light-hearted conversation about cornbread, indicating that the cast was being catered to by a chef, and they were ensuring that DiCaprio was well-fed and his hair was properly styled.

Taylor described DiCaprio as a supportive and encouraging colleague, stating, “He is like the best. He will cheerlead for you all the way through”. This interaction was not only professional but also highlighted a friendly and supportive atmosphere between the two actors.

The rumors were further debunked by TMZ, which initially speculated on the nature of their relationship but later clarified that the video did not support the dating rumors. Despite the speculation and the attention DiCaprio has received in the media, particularly due to his high-profile relationships, Taylor emphasized that their connection was purely professional and amiable.

Teyana Taylor addressed the rumors of a romantic relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio by clarifying that their interaction was professional and supportive, with no romantic involvement. The incident was a testament to the friendly and supportive atmosphere on the set of their upcoming film, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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