AOC asks Hunter Biden ex-associate ‘exactly’ what crimes he’s seen Joe commit in impeachment hearing furious exchange: Tony Bobulinski fires back at Squad member with THREE allegations against the president

Former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski said he believes he has witnessed Joe Biden commit crimes in a fiery moment of Wednesday’s impeachment hearing.  ‘Did you witness the President commit a crime?’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., asked the GOP witness. ‘Yes,’ said
March 20, 2024

Furious Brooklyn residents protest a planned homeless shelter

Thousands of protesters descended on a Brooklyn neighborhood Saturday to protest a planned homeless shelter that will house only men. The shelter, proposed by the city, will be a 32-room hotel with a community facility, and will provide services like case management,
March 18, 2024

Democrat Wall Street investor Marty Dolan says rampant crime like subway shooting is one of the reasons he’s taking on AOC: ‘This is supposed to be the best city in the world’

Wall Street investor Marty Dolan, who is boldly taking on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic primary, credits rampant crime like subway shootings as a driving force behind his decision.  The seasoned Wall Street investor and ‘moderate Democrat,’ slammed the 34-year-old congresswoman’s ‘radical’ policies, emphasizing the crime
March 16, 2024

Trump claims Democrats used AI to create video of his gaffes

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor Published: 14:37 EDT, 13 March 2024 | Updated: 14:38 EDT, 13 March 2024 Advertisement Former President Donald Trump is accusing congressional Democrats of using AI in a video collection of gaffes and verbal slips that
March 13, 2024

The populist football pundit who gatecrashed Portuguese politics: How anti-immigration ex trainee priest who called for chemical castration of child rapists led Chega party to ‘historic’ gains in election edged by centre-right

Far-right football pundit-turned-politician Andre Ventura has taken his party to new heights in Portugal’s parliamentary elections, with surging support from voters meaning the populists will play a decisive role in the country’s political future. The Chega leader, a former trainee priest who
March 11, 2024