The topic that is dominating British politics: Pro-Palestine protests bring streets to a standstill and cause chaos in the Commons while ‘Gaza by-election’ takes place in Rochdale… as families worry about cost of living and inflation

Pro-palestine protests have swept the country and dominated the British political landscape in recent months, with fury over the Israel-Gaza conflict causing chaos in the Commons and becoming the stand-out issue in the Rochdale by-election. The vote has been dubbed a referendum
February 25, 2024

No wonder the retailers on this London road – once a favourite haunt of Nigella – are in despair . . . How draconian Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes have DEVASTATED this thriving street

Wandsworth Bridge Road in Fulham, South-West London, used to be a destination shopping street for discerning folk wanting to renovate their homes. It was a known mecca for swanky lighting designers, curtain and fabric shops, flooring specialists and furniture retailers. Grand Designs’
February 24, 2024

Russian-linked cyber criminals behind major attacks on Royal Mail and Porton Down are shut down in global sting: Seven are arrested and three more on the run after British-led clampdown on gang ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s pariah state

The world’s most dangerous ransomware gang has been shut down in an operation led by ‘Britain’s FBI’ – with seven arrested and three on the run after police infiltrated the network of hackers ‘hiding in the shadows’ in Putin’s Russia.  Lockbit has been
February 20, 2024

How it took a group of woke ad execs 13 days of riding on trains, five months of ‘co-creation workshops with writers, poets and performers’ (and £100,000 of public money) to dream up Sadiq Khan’s ‘patronising and insultingly twee’ London Overground rebrand

It could be a scene straight from the vaults of cult political comedy The Thick Of It.  A group of branding execs paid £100,000 of public cash to sit on London Overground trains for 13 days until inspiration struck for a name for the
February 18, 2024

‘Finally, Jackie Weaver gets the tube map recognition she deserves!’: Baffled commuters in stitches over the Overground’s Weaver Line – but are ‘disappointed’ to learn it’s NOT in honour of the internet star

Commuters have been left in stitches today over the Overground’s new Weaver Line after joking viral star Jackie Weaver had finally got the recognition she deserved.  Mrs Weaver became an unlikely overnight hit when a chaotic Handforth parish council Zoom meeting went
February 15, 2024

Jewish worshippers beaten on way home from prayers, swastikas daubed on side of synagogues and letters threatening headteachers: Report reveals ‘explosion in hatred’ towards British Jews as Hamas attacks drive antisemitism to its worst in 40 years

Attacks and graffiti at synagogues and letters threatening headteachers were among incidents heralding an ‘explosion in hatred’ towards British Jews in the wake of the Hamas terror attack – and the worst levels of antisemitism in the UK for decades. Antisemitism charity the Community Security
February 15, 2024
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