South Africa

‘As long as there is money we don’t care – there’s always killing that needs to be done’: Hitman’s shocking words amid terrifying surge in contract killings which has seen thousands of people assassinated worldwide

Thousands of people are being assassinated amid a horrific surge in contract killings – with one murderer-for-hire declaring: ‘As long as there is money, we don’t care.’ More than 3,000 victims have died at the hands of paid killers, a new probe
March 31, 2024

The ‘gourmet gangster’ with a $5m bounty on his head who’s written hundreds of Google reviews: How Kinahan drugs kingpin dubbed ‘The Dapper Don’ has rated and slated restaurants and bars from Dubai to South Africa despite global police

The kingpin of the notorious Kinahan drugs cartel has been dropping hundreds of Google reviews, rating and slating establishments across the world despite having a $5million bounty over his head.¬† ‘Gourmet gangster’ Christy Kinahan is one of the world’s most wanted men
March 31, 2024