Adele has been “panic buying” Spanx after the brand discontinued her favourite bodysuits.

Adele has been left fuming after Spanx discontinued her favourite shapewear

Adele has been left fuming after Spanx discontinued her favourite shapewear

The 36-year-old singer confessed she’s been wearing the company’s shapewear – designed to provide a flattering silhouette under clothes – since she was a teenager and she was devastated when she discovered her most-loved garment was being shelved so she went on a shopping spree in a bid to track down as many of them as possible before they disappear forever.

According to, Adele opened up about the dilemma during a show in Las Vegas over the weekend (08-09.06.24), telling the audience: “Spanx. I trust them. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 16, so I trust them. It’s like half of my life. So I trust them with my life.

“And my favourite pair of Spanx are full body Spanx. I know they’re not sexy. But I like to feel safe in all dresses. I know that my lumps and bumps that I love are contained.

“Well, they decided to just discontinue my favourite pair of Spanx. So everyone I know has been panic buying whatever is left at the stores …”

Adele revealed Spanx bosses took pity on her and sent her some of their remaining stock, but the bodysuits were a size too small – so she decided to try to squeeze into them anyway before the show.

She added: “I had to go and put these Spanx on that were a size small. It was like pumping sausage meat. It was so stressful. And then I was contemplating, maybe I don’t go on in a pair of Spanx tonight, but I was like, oh no, that’s too risky.

“But I managed to get into them and it’s made me look great. But I’m nervous that is my blood is going to get cut off or something.”

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