Aly Michalka has welcomed her first baby with husband Stephen Ringer.

Aly Michalka has welcomed a baby boy

Aly Michalka has welcomed a baby boy

The 35-year-old singer – who shot to fame in the early 2000s with her sister AJ Michalka as part of the pop duo Aly and AJ – has been married to cinematographer Stephen, 39, for almost a decade and the couple became a family of three with the arrival of their son Jack towards the end of April.

She told People: “It was a very peaceful and calm birth, which is really what we were hoping for. We just kind of knew immediately like, ‘Oh yeah, he’s a Jack.”

The former Disney Channel star noted that while giving birth is different for every single woman, she decided to opt for a home birth because she wanted th “avoid” too much medical intervention,

She said: “Every woman’s birth is really their own journey and their own choice. But I do feel like our medical system intervenes in ways that can be really harmful for women and really traumatic for not only themselves, but for their baby. For me, it felt like a great way to be able to avoid that.”

The ‘Potential Breakup Song’ hitmaker feels “ready to take on this new responsibility” of parenthood and has found that she and her husband are “laughing” about most things so far.

She said: “We were trying to take Jack’s passport photo the other day because he’s traveling soon since I have work. We were just laughing, trying to get a photo of him with his face straight-on instead of turned to the side, or his eyes closed.

“”I was like, ‘It’s good that we’re laughing through this and not stressing or upset or crying or whatever, because you could so easily turn a moment that maybe isn’t super stressful into a stressful one if you just look at it the wrong way.”

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