Macaulay Culkin is trying to “reinvent” his “complicated relationship with Father’s Day”.

Macaulay Culkin is 'reinventing' Father's Day for his family

Macaulay Culkin is ‘reinventing’ Father’s Day for his family

The ‘Home Alone’ actor – who has sons Dakota, three, and a baby boy whose name has not been revealed publicly with fiancee Brenda Song – has been candid about his struggles with his own dad Kit Culkin in the past, but he has reflected on the upcoming holiday on June 16.

Alongside a photo of a ‘Star Wars’ Father’s Day gift box from Lucasfilm, he wrote on Instagram: “If you know a little about me then you’d know I’ve had a complicated relationship with Father’s Day in the past.

“But since becoming a papa myself I’ve decided to reinvent the wheel. Other than getting an hour or two of extra sleep I try to make the day a celebration of my boys more than me.

“After all, they are the ones who made me a father (no offense to Brenda).”

The 43-year-old star joked that Father’s Day in his home falls somewhere between birthdays or Christmas and the likes of Valentine’s Day or the 4th of July.

He continued: “In our house Father’s Day isn’t held in as a high regard as birthdays or Christmas but it does mop the floor of such holidays as St. Patrick’s day, Valentine’s Day, and the 4th of July.

“I try to do fun things for the boys on Father’s Day. It’s a special day.

“All of this is a way to say thank you to @lucasfilm for sending me a care package full of things that are more meant for my children to enjoy (with the exception of the hot sauce).

“Father’s Day isn’t for me, it’s for the people that make me feel like a father.”

Macaulay has been open about his estranged relationship with his father, which was “sour from early on”, and only worsened when he found success as a child star.

Back in 2001, he told New York Magazine: “I was making God-knows-how-much money, and Kit was making me sleep on the couch, just because he could.

“Just to let you know who’s in charge and just to let you know if he doesn’t want you to sleep in a bed, you’re not going to sleep in a bed.”

By the age of 16, the actor emancipated himself from his parents and took control of his life, while he has alleged his father was “physically and mentally” abusive.

He told Marc Maron in 2018: “He was jealous. Everything that he tried to do in his life, I excelled at before I was 10 years old.”

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