Mike Goodnough
Mike Goodnough Details
Famous as Valerie Bertinelli Boyfriend.
Professtion Corporate consultant.
Age 53.
Birth Date August 1970.
Birth Place New Jersey.
Gender Male.
Nationality American.
Girlfriend Valerie Bertinelli.
Kids One Son.
Follow on
Twitter https://twitter.com/therealhoarse/
Body Measurement
Height In Feet: 5’10”
In feet: 1.77 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.
Alumni Rutgers University.


Mike Goodnough is a writer

Mike Goodnough (age 53, born in 1970) is a renowned corporate consultant based in New York City, operating independently since 2008. Besides his consulting work, Mike is also known for his writing and photography skills. Notably, he gained fame for managing the X account (formerly known as Twitter) with the handle @TheRealHoarse, where he has an impressive following of over 412.5K followers.

However, Goodnough’s public presence expanded beyond his professional endeavors when he revealed his romantic relationship with Valerie Bertinelli, a star from “One Day at a Time.” Valerie Bertinelli is now dating Mike, a fact confirmed by Goodnough himself through an essay published on his Substack site “hoarsewhisperings.com”.

In his essay “Rumors, Rumors, Rumors” Mike candidly expressed his feelings about being Valerie Bertinelli’s boyfriend, acknowledging the statement’s surreal nature while emphasizing their genuine and heartfelt connection. He described their relationship as “good,” “lucky,” and a “gift” amidst life’s unpredictable journey.



Valerie Bertinelli with Boyfriend Mike Goodnough

How did Mike Goodenough and Valerie Bertinelli meet?

Mike Goodnough and Valerie Bertinelli met at a suburban New Jersey Panera, bonding over their shared morning coffee routine despite the coffee’s less-than-stellar quality and the distance from Valerie’s home.

Their initial encounter sparked a humorous exchange where Mike jokingly mentioned the rumors about their supposed romantic involvement. This banter highlighted their shared sense of humor and ability to laugh off tabloid gossip.

As their conversation progressed, they discovered common interests and enjoyed each other’s company. Mike’s mention of his cats led to a funny revelation – the cats were actually Valerie’s, and she had taken the picture he sent.

Their interaction was filled with light-hearted banter, showing a comfortable rapport between them. Despite the rumors, their conversation seemed genuine and hinted at a budding connection beyond the tabloid speculation.



Mike Goodnough wikipedia

Goodnough is a Corporate Consultant

According to Mike’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University between 1988 and 1992. He then embarked on a successful career in marketing and data technology services.

In 1995, he joined Draft/FCB as VP of Data Technology Services, overseeing marketing databases and analytics for major clients like Avis, General Motors, and British Airways. He later became Director of Interactive at Draft/FCB, showcasing his expertise in digital marketing.

Subsequently, in 2001, Goodnough transitioned to Grey Group as SVP and Director of Marketing before becoming a partner at “Rosetta” in 2006. After two successful years, he ventured into independent consulting as a Senior Strategy Consultant.

Throughout his career, he has worked with notable clients such as Pfizer, AT&T, Verizon, BMW, HP, and Cisco, showcasing his expertise in strategic marketing and consultancy.




Mike Goodnough is father

Mike’s relationship with his son

Mike Goodnough has a special bond with his son. When he was young, he struggled with his own dad’s strict ways. His dad made him feel guilty and stopped him from doing things he loved. But Goodnough didn’t want that for his son.

As a dad, He made sure his son could make his own choices. Sometimes they disagreed, especially about sports and injuries. But Mike always explained why certain decisions were important. He wanted his son to learn responsibility and good judgment.

Over time, Goodnough saw his son grow into a confident and responsible young adult. His son started a small business, made smart investments, and took charge of his own life. Mike was proud to see his son become independent and ready for the world.

Now, Mike sees himself as a guide, letting his son take the lead. He believes parenting is about raising kids to be like astronauts – ready to launch into life’s adventures.


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Mike Goodnough FAQs

Ques: What is Mike Goodnough’s age?

Ans: Mike is 53 years old.

Ques: Is Mike Goodnough’ married?

Ans: He has not disclosed.

Ques: Who is Valerie Bertinelli’s New Boyfriend?

Ans: Mike Goodnough.




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