Humiliating moment heavily-tattooed bikie boss stands in his undies as his home is raided by heavily-armed policeis ordered to lean against a wall in his undies as his home is raided

  • Hells Angels’ Jason Fahey home targeted in police raid
  • Bikie recently patched over to the club from the Bandidos 

A heavily-tattooed bikie boss was ordered to lean against a wall in his undies as part of sweeping raids targeting the state’s biggest outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Former Bandidos national president Jason Fahey’s Five Dock apartment, in Sydney‘s inner west, was raided by specialist officers during an eight-day blitz to stifle gang activity across the city.

Dozens of homes and vehicles were searched as cops carried out compliance checks on big underworld figures, seizing guns and banning members from communicating. 

The major crackdown comes just weeks after Fahey patched over to the Hells Angels as the club works to aggressively expand in Sydney.

Footage shows heavily-armed officers swarming Fahey’s apartment last month as they searched the premises to ensure he was complying with his firearm ban. 

Bandidos president-turned Hells Angels boss Jason Fahey's apartment has been raided by police

Bandidos president-turned Hells Angels boss Jason Fahey’s apartment has been raided by police 

Officers can been seen banging on the door before Fahey calls out: ‘Yeah, I am coming.’

The shirtless bikie was then ordered to face against against a wall with his hands up. 

One officer then supervised Fahey while several others scoured through his apartment.

Police found a Hells Angels vest and a Bandidos puffer jacket – both of which were seized.

Officers could also be seen paying special attention to two motorbikes parked in a storage section of the complex. 

Fahey was one of the first bikies targeted in Operation Patch, which saw searches carried out across Five Dock, Westmead, Earlwood and Wiley Park from May 24 to June 1 on Hells Angels, Finks and Commanchero members and their associates. 

After a decade at the top of the Bandidos hierarchy Jason Fahey is considered a major figure in the bikie underworld, with his transition to the Hells Angels signaling a feat for the club. 

Police and underworld figures expect more bikies to join the Hells Angels as supporters follow Fahey and after a Rebels chapter in western Sydney’s wholesale defection. 

Specialist officers are pictured barging into Fahey's apartment as part of Operation Patch

Specialist officers are pictured barging into Fahey’s apartment as part of Operation Patch

Pictured: A Hells Angels vest found at Fahey's home

Police also seized a Bandidos puffer jacket

A Hells Angels Vest and Bandidos puffer jacket were seized from Fahey’s home

Fahey crossing over to the Hells Angels sparked rumours of a feud between his former and new gang.

Senior members from both sides quickly quashed the rumour by meeting up for a public lunch dressed in their club colours, the Daily Telegraph reported. 

In another sign the club is strengthening, Hells Angels recently opened a ‘Bayside’ chapter at Brighton Le-Sands, in Sydney’s south, which had traditionally been a stronghold of the Comanchero.

The latter gang has been in disarray with leaders Mark Buddle, Allan Meehan, Mick Murray and Tarek Zahed behind bars awaiting trial for various alleged offences.

Raptor Squad boss Andrew Koutsoufis said the latest operation should serve as a warning to the state’s bikie gangs. 

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‘Raptor Squad remain dedicated to stopping the activities of OMCG members and associates before it escalates in any suburb; be it Brighton-Le-Sands to Broken Hill or otherwise,’ Detective Superintendent Koutsoufis said.

‘Operation Patch is a proactive tasking to ensure our targets know if they put a foot wrong, we’ll be making sure they feel the full force of the law.

‘This is no knee-jerk reaction, rather it’s routine practice. If you are a member or associate of an OMCG, you should always expect a visit from the Raptor Squad.

‘We want to send OMCG members and their associates a clear message; Raptor are always watching and are always ready to respond.’

Operation Patch saw two firearms seized, one firearms licence suspended and 36 consorting warnings issued.

In total, 26 vehicles were searched and 13 compliance checks were completed. 

Police officers paid special interest to two motorcycles parked in a storage facility at Fahey's unit

Police officers paid special interest to two motorcycles parked in a storage facility at Fahey’s unit


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