How to Create a Responsive List By Attracting Targeted Readership

Let’s take a look at “How to Create a Responsive List By Attracting Targeted Readership” To Ensure you are drawing in highly focused prospects as this is another crucial element in creating a responsive list. You’ll have problems converting your prospects if their interest is in the broad market rather than being narrowly focused on your niche.

If the audience isn’t highly focused, there will be fewer conversions on the lead page, and this continues with the emails (low response from an untargeted audience).

How to Create a Responsive List By Attracting Targeted Readership
How to Create a Responsive List By Attracting Targeted Readership | Image Source |

So, how do you ensure you’re attracting a targeted audience? Check out these ideas…

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Select Your Lead Magnet Carefully

You may be tempted to offer a broader freebie in hopes of attracting a wider audience. However, this wider audience may not be interested in your offers later on. That’s why you’ll have more success if you focus on a specific niche and create a lead magnet that’s highly targeted to that niche.

Let’s suppose you’re targeting women who want to lose weight. If you create a general weight-loss guide that makes no mention of women, then you’re going to have men joining your list. Later on, when you start promoting offers targeted at women, you’re going to deal with low conversion rates because of all the men who aren’t interested in what you’re selling.

In this case, you’d avoid that by creating an ultra-targeted lead magnet such as “10 Fat-Melting Tips for Women Who Want To Get Lean.” Your cover graphic may even have a photo or illustration of a woman on it to drive home the point that you’re targeting women.

Another example: let’s suppose you’re selling information to organic gardeners. And let’s suppose you create a lead magnet such as a blueprint for building a raised flower bed. While organic gardeners may want to know how to do this, so do a lot of other gardeners. Once again, you’re likely to end up with several people on your list who aren’t highly targeted since they’re interested in gardening, but NOT organic gardening.

So, the point is, be sure that your lead magnet speaks directly to your target market.  Now the next tip…

Create a Targeted Lead Page

Your lead page to needs to speak to your niche audience rather than the greater audience. Check out these tips…

  • Use graphics that reflect your niche. For example, if you’re sharing dog-training information for people who own small dogs, then don’t use a generic pic of a puppy on the page. Instead, use a pic of a small dog (such as a Yorkie, toy poodle, or similar) that will speak to your intended audience.
  • Utilize copy that speaks directly to your niche. For example, your headline may directly address the niche market. E.G., “To every one who suffers from hay fever” is more targeted than saying “Hey allergy sufferers…”

Now the next tip…

Drive Targeted Traffic

Now that you have a highly targeted lead magnet and lead page, you need to make sure you get the right audience in front of your offer.  This means using advertising methods that are designed to attract qualified leads.

For example:

  • Use highly targeted keywords. If you’re doing some form of pay-per-click marketing or SEO (search engine optimization), then choose longtail words that truly reflect your niche.

For example, “weight loss” is too broad. A keyword phrase like “weight loss tips for women” is more targeted.

  • Create targeted ads for your affiliates and joint venture partners. Your affiliate information should let potential partners know your exact niche so that partners who work in the same niche or a parallel niche join your team. What’s more, be sure to stock your affiliate center with highly targeted copy-and-paste ads for your affiliates to use.
  • Select niche ads carefully. If you’re advertising on a related website, choose one that serves the same niche as you do. For example, don’t advertise your organic gardening information on a general gardening site. Instead, choose organic gardening sites on which to advertise.


Develop Targeted Content and Ads

If you’ve done everything outlined so far, then you should have a list of highly qualified leads. In order to enjoy high conversions, be sure that you develop highly targeted content for these subscribers, as well as send them targeted advertising.

One key here is to create highly targeted subject lines. Keep in mind that your average subscriber is going to have a lot of emails in their inbox on any given day. Your subject line needs to get attention by sharing a benefit or arousing curiosity. But you may have even better results if it speaks directly to your niche.

For example, consider this subject line:

“A weird trick that melts fat like crazy…”

Now check out this more targeted subject line:

“A weird trick that melts fat on women like crazy…”

As always, be sure to test your subject lines to see which ones produce the best response from your audience!

Segment Your List

Segmenting your list means you create ultra-targeted segments of your audience and send content and offers that will resonate with these ultra-targeted leads. As such, segmenting your list is a good way to boost conversions. Indeed, this topic is so important that I’ve devoted an entire lesson to it, so be sure to check out Lesson 19. J

Your Turn

Your assignment for this lesson is to do an audit of your lead magnet, lead page, emails, and offers. Are they all targeting the same narrow niche? If not, or if you see symptoms of a problem (such as low conversion rates), then consider how to better target the members of your chosen niche.

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